MS AntiSpyware 2009

By joehorror
Dec 19, 2008
  1. Looks like my McAfee allowed this dirty dog onto my comp. The symptoms included the constant taskbar reminder flashing, pop-ups prompting me to "Get Protected From Spyware & Viruses" and all of the links in my search engine results are hijacked by "" or something on that order. I've removed this, removed that and all sorts of things and I still cannot update some of the software needed to really check my comp out, like Malwarebytes. ANY attempts to locate info on manual removals is met with internet errors, disallowing me to find any advice or help.

    Guys, I know you're all busy and everybody has their sob stories but I'm a writer and I gotta tell ya, I'm worrying myself silly. Here's my Malwarebytes logfile and my HijackThis logfile. I can't seem to get the download link for SUPERAntiSpyware to work.

    P.S. - I attempted to complete all 8 steps but was stopped cold on things like turning off background monitoring processes, the link appears dead. I also can't download SUPERAntiSpyware. I did my best though including running CCleaner and McAfee. I also did what I could with Malwarebytes, but wasn't able to update it for a NEW scan. I can't even update Windows.
  2. joehorror

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    Okay. I was able to finally download and install SAS but I'm unable to update it with new virus definitions, similar to the problem I'm having with Ad-Aware, Norton, Windows and Malwarebytes.

    What should I do here? I'm running SAS right now with what it has and I'll post up the attachment once it's done. It seems lots of people are having the same problem. A cool thread on manual deletion of this damn MS AntiSpyware 2009 would be awesome.
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