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Mar 22, 2006
  1. I'm using FrontPage to create my site. I have a picture with many different hotspots to different links. How do I make it so that when the user rolls their mouse cursor over one of the hotspots, the picture changes to something else?

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    Easily done with FrontPage. Click on tool and go to Customize. Click on the toolbars tab and put a check mark by DHCP Effects. Once you have the tool bar up. You simply click on the icon you want to do the mouse over effect with. Go to the tool bar and choose the mouse over effect and apply the setting you want and choose the picture you want to swap it with and you are good to go.
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    Then open the windows and throw MS Frontpage out of it. If all goes well, you should NEVER see or use it again.
    It is a complete and utter piece of crap, you will learn absolutely nothing when using it.
    Even the simple Notepad is already sufficient to use as an editor for your .htm or .html pages.
    Read up on some basics for html-coding and do your coding by hand, much more satisfying!
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    I tried doing this and it only does it for the whole image, not only when you roll your mouse over the hot spot. Is there a way to do this only when you rollover the hotspot?

    Thanks, Matt
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    What sort of a whimp are you?

    This is the reason that the user (mfranzel) gave for reporting a post:
    This person was very rude.

    Who was?
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    I wouldn't call RBS rude, somewhat direct perhaps. lol

    I will concur with him though, Frontpage is for [blank], if you want to be a good web site designer, you really need to just learn the code. And besides, HTML is not a programming language, it is just markup. Nothing but "tags" that tell the browser how stuff looks. It isn't that complex. Frontpage, and daresay, even Dreamweaver, put SO MUCH useless garbage code into your pages. I think one time I converted a 100+ line Dreamweaver page into about 30 lines and it looked exactly the same just by coding it properly. Less is more in web design.

    Anyway, enough of that!

    As for the problem at hand, I couldn't say how to do it with Frontpage. But my suggestion for simplicity is to take your large image and slice it into completely separate images, and apply a standard rollover to each one. Rather then use hotspots.
    Of course, this may only work if your slices are rectangular. If you have funky shapes like stars or polygons, then you either need to start learning CSS and Javascript, or change your picture to square. Because whenever I see an image like this, funky shapes, rollover effects, it is usually done in Flash.

    Regardless, good luck in your endeavors!
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    You need to work with MAP, AREA, SHAPE, COORDS etc.
    Stupid Frontpage is not going to cut that for you!
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    Here's a good place to learn HTML, there are probably a lot more places (God bless Google)
    I've never used Frontpage, but I've heard from reliable sources that it is
    p.s. RealBlackStuff is da man :cool:
    Up the Dubs!
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