MS MediaPlayer Logs User Info

By uncleel
Feb 20, 2002
  1. MS MediaPlayer Logs User Info
    Washington (Assocoated Press)
    Microsoft's new version of its popular Media Player software is logging the songs and movies that customers play.

    The company said Wednesday it was changing its privacy statement to notify customers about the technology after inquiries from The Associated Press. Microsoft's original privacy statement informed customers that they were downloading the information about CDs but never stated it was being stored in a log file on each computer.

    The system creates a list on each computer that could be a treasure for marketing companies, lawyers or others. Microsoft says it has no plans to sell the data collected by Media Player 8, which comes free with the Windows XP operating system
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    I guess they didn't say where exactly they keep this log at? I personally don't like it when companies do this stuff. If I remember correctly there was something a while ago that did the same thing, but I can't remember what that was right now.
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