MS Word 2007 files taking too long to open after new internet connection using JioFi 3

By ravisunny2 · 4 replies
Nov 21, 2016
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  1. Hi,

    I have posted this under Networking because it seems to be a problem in the network setting.

    I have a strange problem opening (not closing) local MS Word 2007 files in Win 7.

    The files open readily when I am NOT connected to the internet.

    The files open readily when I AM connected to the internet via my USB dongle (with a BSNL SIM card, mobile internet connection).

    The files USED TO open readily when I was connected to the internet using BSNL broadband.

    I have recently acquired a Wi-Fi Hub (JioFi 3) which has one USB port (for charging and for connecting to the net).

    When I use tethering to connect to the internet using the Wi-Fi Hub, even a new, empty file takes almost half a minute to open. Larger files take even longer.

    When I disconnect the Wi-Fi Hub, the Word files again begin to open normally.

    I did not configure the Wi-Fi Hub manually; it installed automatically without any errors (other than a Linux related one).

    Also, I did not have to “connect” to the internet; the device connects to the internet as soon as it is powered on or connected to the PC.

    There are no other people sharing the Wi-Fi Hub; I am the lone user.

    I would like to say a few things that may help narrow down the problem:

    1) The Word files are on my PC hard disk and I always work on them on that PC alone.

    2) Even when I am connected to the Internet through my USB dongle (with a SIM card, mobile internet connection), there is absolutely no degradation in Word’s performance.

    3) The problem occurs only when I connect to the Internet via the Wi-Fi Hub (JioFi 3) using USB to USB (not Wi-Fi). I haven’t tried connecting via the Wi-Fi yet, but will as soon as I get a USB Wi-Fi adapter and see if that makes a difference.

    4) I faced a somewhat similar situation at my college. We were connected to a server via a LAN. When the router had a problem (for example, power was off), MS Word files took forever to open. At that time, just unplugging the cat cable from the NIC instantly restored MS Word’s speed.

    I strongly feel that the problem lies in the LAN set up by the Wi-Fi Hub (connected via USB to PC).

    MS Word seems to be going on a wild-goose chase.

    After opening one Word file, the subsequent ones (mostly) open normally with the expected speed.

    Can you help resolve this problem, please?

    Would connecting to the hub via (instead of the USB port) Wi-Fi help?

    I have attached a file with the info picked up by Belarc Advisor.

    Best regards,


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  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,128   +982

    Sounds like you have a subscription based license and MS is verifying it.
  3. ravisunny2

    ravisunny2 TS Ambassador Topic Starter Posts: 1,986   +12

    Thanks, Joebeard, but it is not a subscription based license.
  4. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,128   +982

    Quit MS Word, Disconnect from the Internet and try opening it fresh - - trying to see if it's "phoning home" here
  5. ravisunny2

    ravisunny2 TS Ambassador Topic Starter Posts: 1,986   +12

    I installed a USB WI-FI adapter on my PC and connected to the JioFi device through Wi-Fi.

    The problem is now gone.

    The problem was apparently only when I tethered the Wi-Fi Hub to my PC using a USB port.

    Thank you for your suggestions.

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