MS07-069 update crashes IE6, IE7 on Windows XP, Vista

By jobeard
Dec 17, 2007
  1. December 17, 2007 (Computerworld) -- Microsoft Corp. confirmed today that it is investigating reports that a security update for Internet Explorer issued last week has crippled some users' ability to get on the Web.

    Users started posting messages to multiple Microsoft support newsgroups almost immediately after Microsoft released the MS07-069 security bulletin on Dec. 11, saying that they were unable to connect to the Internet, either because IE refused to open or because when it did open, it could not reach various sites.

    "About 60% of the time, I would get an 'Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and must close' dialog," reported Bill Drake on the Windows Update newsgroup. Others echoed the problem on IE-specific forums, noting that both IE6 and IE7 balked at loading, or while loading some pages, particularly home pages, on both Windows XP and Windows Vista machines.

    Harold Decker, operations manager with San Diego-based Gold Peak Industries NA Inc., started fielding calls from users last Wednesday morning as soon as people hit the office. "I stopped everyone who hadn't installed the update from installing it after four PCs out of 14 had the problem," said Decker, who manages a total of 35 Windows XP SP2 machines. "We're a pretty plain shop, all our systems run Windows XP SP2 and IE6," said Decker, "but some kept crashing. It seemed limited to the window that was opened, and changing the home page to something simple, like a blank page, gave a better success rate."

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