Msconfig is stuck on Selective Startup. After restarting, it stays the same, why?

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Jun 14, 2008
  1. Can anyone help me with my msconfig, it just seens to not work anymore.
    see, i want normal again, so my firefox and other games i play to work.
    and before. i wanted my pc to run faster, so i took off some useless startups and services.
    i kept trying different startups to see what makes my firefox and games work. and take off the other junk i dont need. so it runs fast and does what i want.
    nyway, I was trying different startups, and then after it loaded back up to the desktop after the restart. the boxs i checked in msconfig, they werent checked. they were the same from before. and ever since. i can change it back, so now i cant use firefox or play my games.

    (*i use firefox cause my internet explore dont work really much at all. no java script or really slow*)
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    System restore

    Do you have a restore point before you started messing around with msconfig.
    Set msconfig to normal and pray.
    I've used Selective Startup for 10 years with great results.Learn how to use it.
    Nothing wrong with Internet Explorer 7 either.Especially if your haveing problems.
    Get a Tuneup here,
  4. Tedster

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    mike lin's startup editor is a great little tool. google it.

    Also glarysoft's registry editor has an even better tool. also free.
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    As always I suggest the startup editor in SpybotSD15
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    I'm having a problem understanding what the problem is! Whenever you make changes on the Startup Menu, you do it through msconfig> Selective startup. You must remain in Selective Startup to keep the changes. Going back to Normal mode will undo those changes.

    Unto that end, when you first made changes, you received a nag message suggesting Selective Startup was a 'diagnostic mode', did you want to go back to Normal, on which you checked 'don't show this message again', stayed in Selective Startup and closed the message..

    Unchecked processes on the Startup tab doesn't remove them, so if you later decide you do want something to start up at boot, you can go back and recheck it..

    But now that you have made changes, you will remain in Selective Startup and you still control what starts up with a check mark. The system is suppose to stay in Selective Startup.

    Clearly you do not understand how this process works and could use a basic reference to help you. FYI: the "only" processes that need to start at boot are the antivirus program, firewall, touchpad for laptop and network process if on network. All else can be called up when needed.
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