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Dec 29, 2005
  1. Just bought a MSI 915g combo -fr motherboard! 775lga socket! i also bought a 82-4hl cooler blower case! The wireing inside the pc case has a 3 pole male connecter with 2 black wires and one purple wire! There is a tag on the wire connector it says --cpu--. I was wondering weather its for cpu fan control or cpu fan monitoring ! If anyone has suggestions please feel free too comment! P.S. there are no female connectors on my cpu fan or the motherboard for this formentioned item do i need an adapter im lost on this little item!
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    Uhh. . . could you reword that a bit more clearly please? Then maybe we will be able to help you.

    TLFETTLED TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok heres the reword

    Has Anyone Got Information On : Msi 915g Combo-fr Motherboard OR The 82-4hl Blower Case! If So Whats The Best Way To Attach The Temperature Leads To Components! And Whats The Best Way To Hook Up The Cpu Lead Too --cpu --comeing From Case ! The Cpu Lead Has 3 Pole Male Connector! There Are No Hook Ups On Cpu Or Motherboard For This Connector!
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    Is the "Cpu lead" a fan connecter? If it is, it should go into the motherboard or a Molex connecter. . . and if it doesn't go into the mainboard, you can buy adapters for it at Bestbuy and stuff...

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    yes its a male 3 pin fan connector for the cpu fan i think but my msi board has a 4 pin cpu fan connector !
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