Overclocking MSI Z68A-GD55 won't allow changes to overclocking settings after BIOS update


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A few months ago, I updated my MSI Z68A-GD55 to the latest BIOS "7681vP8", which is still the latest version on MSI's website as of today. Since updating to this version, the UEFI BIOS screen is totally different, the layout has been changed entirely. I was able to find the overclocking settings quickly, but since the update, the board will not allow me to change many settings. All CPU/Memory/chipset voltage adjustments, CPU ratio adjustments, bclock adjustments, etc are all either greyed out and cannot be selected at all, or they are set to "Auto" and that is the only available option for them. This is a solid overclocking motherboard from what I've heard online, and I'm running a K series CPU (2500k), so I'm really perplexed as to why I can't even adjust the supposedly unlocked CPU ratio on my 2500k. I USED to be able to use these settings before the BIOS flash. Also, I can't seem to find anyone online who's having a similar problem as me. As it stands now, the only overclocking I can do is with MSI's "OC Genie II", which basically automatically overclocks for me. I think this is totally ridiculous; why is MSI's automated tool allowed to touch these settings when I can't modify them manually?

Anyone have any idea what's going on? My first thought was that maybe there is a setting somewhere in the BIOS that must be enabled first in order to open up the overclocking settings, but I searched far and wide and couldn't find one. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

Jad Chaar

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Yeah, I think there is a setting somewhere that is checked to auto. Try exploring all the tabs of the BIOS screen and report back if you find anything.


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Section 2 page 21 of your manual details the procedure for resetting the CMOS, basically just power down, unplug AC wall cord, move the JBAT jumper over for 30 seconds to clear, then move it back to it's original position and boot up (never power the motherboard with this jumper set to "clear"). This should reset everything to defaults. If that doesn't work, you'll have to reflash the BIOS with the old version. Your board has the MFlash utility and dual BIOS chips, so it's easy to flash from a USB thumb drive (3-19). Read the relevant section carefully (section 3, near the end). I don't think it's like a Gigabyte board, which has a selectible dual BIOS. MSI's dual BIOS, I believe, loads the primary BIOS first, then the secondary BIOS if the primary fails (page 2-21). This setting is in Security section of the BIOS, must be enabled to automatically try both. Actually, you should try this first before reflashing anything. If it works, it means that the primary BIOS is corrupt, but the secondary works. Also has an LED with a simple flashing code; Off: Normal. Blnk (1 cycle/second): The prmary BIOS failed. Sold: Both prmary and secondary BIOS failed (2-20). With all these options, you should get it working right. I know the manual is bad, and it doesn't make everything very clear, but if you read the manual while looking at the BIOS settings, you can figure it out (I had an MSI board once). If you've gone "a few months" without being able to OC, I know you're ready!