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Aug 17, 2006
  1. I've searched here, there, everywhere, but couldn't find what i want.

    I want to make a bootable CD or a DVD that contains several CD images, with a menu, so that, when i select a certain iso, it launches..

    i.e. can anyone tell me how an iso image can be read without an OS, i.e. i need a software that is used during booting and which fully identifies and understands iso files !!! (sounds strange, but nice, i guess)
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  3. Zeratul

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    Sorry 'fastco', but seems like i wasn't clear.
    I need to burn on a DVD several ISO files (i will not extract their files, NO, I WILL BURN THE ISO FILE ITSELF, SO THAT, WHEN YOU BROWSE THE DVD, YOU'LL FIND ISO FILES)

    and these ISO files are for several linux live CDs BUNDLED on a single DVD.

    Then, i need to create a menu from which i select which live CD to launch, which will, in turn, run the corresponding ISO file

    anyone understood anything :D :D !
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    you want a ingle dvd rom with multiple images..I do not know if that is possible
    but you bring up the menu...try to find a program that will compile them into one image and will creat a menu
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    autoplay studio 6 is the only way to go
    will do it all ,well almost
  7. Zeratul

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    i know that site, but it's a little bit difficult, besides, it's dedicated mainly to WinOSs , ie. not versatile

    this is mainly for windows, and not creating bootable stuff, i guess. Correct this if i'm wrong
  8. Samstoned

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    darn your right
    I thought that setup factory did that
    guess not
    try bartpe and found this link ezboot
    I've been using autoplay for recovery disc's
    now I'll need a boot app to help out
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