Multimedia Audio Controller

By sysprogr
Dec 11, 2006
  1. Hi everyone. I'm new and need help. I recently had my PC hard drive replaced and have nearly everything rebuilt and reconfigured, except for the sound card. Device Manager shows a big yellow question mark by "Other Devices". When I expand it, it shows "Multimedia Audio Controller". It says the drivers are not installed and I am unable to locate one. I purchased this PC a few years ago and still have original box with CDs. Unfortunately, I think they forgot to give me the driver to my audio and I recently found out the company that built my PC is no longer in business. Under "Resouces" in Device Manage, it says: "Input/Output Range D800 - D83F". Other than that, it's pretty much a dead end for me. Can anyone advise me on how to obtain the driver without having to purchase another sound card?
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    I am a new member and I had the same problem with the Multimedia audio Controler in my lap top and the Realtek solved my problem.

    Thanks a lot!!!
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