Multiple Java problems

By ieaysu
Jun 28, 2010
  1. Something bizzare recently happened to my computer...
    my computer was running perfectly fine in the morning yesterday, and i could access any java application and use them for my own uses until...i came back to use my computer again in the afternoon java stopped working for me and and computer began to process things extremely slowly...i've tried everything to fix this problem from installing and reinstalling java and the latest versions..and restarting my computer to adding and removing java back and forth..which still had no effect to fixing the java problem and when i went to a site that required java on my firefox brower it automatically crashed the browser and restarted on it own. Also another thing i discovered was that i couldn't open java that i downloaded on my control panel either and when ever i check my java details it always says it updated to the most recent version yet it doesnt even work on any java required sites. So when i tried repairing java on the add-remove programs place it encountered an error saying that i could no repair java and i also notcied that when i restarted my computer on the side bar there are always updates that popup, and one of them was a java updater one, so i tried updating it but it said that it failed. I am not sure if all the things i described above is either symptoms of a virus or the possibility of something wrong with my java. either way..i want to know how to fix this problem for my computer.
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    problem is fixed on different forum
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    Thank you for letting me know :)
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