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Jan 9, 2004
  1. This is why Microsoft Word and other programs are taking so long to load and are having problems because of the NAV

    A certificate which Verisign used for signing SSL certificates has expired. When applications which depend on that certificate try to make an SSL connection, they fail and try to access, the certificate revocation list server. This has effectively DOS'ed that site, and Verisign has now updated the DNS record for that address to include several non-routable addresses, reducing the load on their servers. Some applications affected include older Internet Explorer browsers, Java, and Norton Antivirus (which may manifest itself as Microsoft Word being very slow to start). Hope this helps a few people, and if you have other apps with problems, please post about them below.

    I hope this helps everyone :D
  2. StormBringer

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    This should have been a reply to this thread.
  3. ak_in_charge

    ak_in_charge TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 119

    Yeah I read that thread right after I posted this and I did reply to it, just a little late is all
  4. ak_in_charge

    ak_in_charge TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 119

    I would also be very grateful if anyone has any information on how to get around this problem

  5. StormBringer

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    as mentioned in the other thread, disabling the Office Plugin option in NAV will fix the problem with Word. I have yet to come across any of the other problems
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