My 10 years old won't boot up and beep 8 time

I already clean Ram,cpu,graphic card,round battery 3 times and it still keep beeping 8 times
This computer probably defected what part should I change? Whole motherboard I guess


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What the beep codes signify depends on the brand/type of motherboard BIOS. For example, on Dell desktop systems, 8 beeps usually means the CPU is goosed; on other systems, it can mean the graphics card memory has failed.

Start with removing the graphics card and starting the PC up: you should get a different error beep this time, reporting that there is no video adapter present (unless the CPU has an integrated graphics chip). If it is a different beep code, then the card has failed.

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Beep codes for your system may be available in a downloadable copy of the motherboard maker's manual. Check for make and model number and see if support section for the maker has a manual available.
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It's a computer by the way I look a the files it say 8 time mean graphic card error and I try turn on without a graphic card it still beep 8 times

I think the main reason is because this computer is too old I used it almost everyday and didn't have to to clean the inside before this happen sometimes it rarely beeping repeatedly It can easy fixed by just restart the computer few times and then a couple weeks ago I want to clean the inside of this computer so I unplug took the fan out and clean just a fan after that I open and it beep 3times so look up internet and Ram card problem then clean my Ram card it still beep 3 times so I just clean every things and it beep 3 time and I clean everything again it beep 8 times

It definitely dead at this point lol

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8 beeps - video card? check that connections are good, replace video card if connection with slot is correct and it beeps - cheap used card from eBay or maybe Craigslist or Goodwill

3 beeps - RAM? remove and reinstall RAM

rule of precedence - can only give a single beep code at a time even if two problems - I think RAM takes precedence, so that error is reported, then you fix that and move on to video card problem