My computer keeps locking up on me

By phantom16
Nov 27, 2007
  1. i figured this was the most appropriate place to post about this so here goes:

    im having a slight...erm big problem with my computer. what happens is sometimes when im playing a game at first my mouse will either freeze up, or i will be able to move it horizintally, but not vertically. sometimes its one, sometimes the other. anyways, then my screen will either go black, but usually it will (let me try and explain this) get all wavy, like u nkow if you see a computer screen and its all wavy because ur seeing it through the camera? well imagine something like that but its a lot closer waves so theres a lot of really short distortions, if u can understand that? lol. while that happening my sound will loop for a few seconds, then make a couple clicks and jump to a constant ear piercing screech. nothing works after that, trying to hit any keys wont work, so i have to cold boot it.

    so thats the problem, i play about 4 games on my computer, or try and play them. steam (including counter strike, half life 1&2), guild wars, EVE online and perfect world. so i used to play counter strike and then this problem started happening when i was playing it, and then eventually it would happen spontaneously regardless of what i was doing. so i updates my graphics card driver and it stopped happening randomly, but i did stop playing it though. then i played eve for a bit and no problems, and after that i beat half life 1 no problems. then i started playing half life 2 and about half way through the problems started coming up again. so i beat it and then i didnt have the problem to much. after i stopped playing but it does happen every now and then. so i havent had it happen while playing guild wars, only a couple times with eve, but EVERY time i log into perfect world it does this after no more than 5 mins.

    i have updated every driver i could, updated bios, run all my windows updates, updated directX, done a couple anti viruses, and have done memory test program that said nothing was wrong with my ram at all.

    i have a hunch that its an OS problem, since it happens with certain applications and such, and while i COULD reformat my computer to see if that solves the problems ide really rather not so i was hoping i could employ the help of you all in my quest to solve this problem.

    by the way, system specs are as follows:
    OS: windows XP service pack 2
    CPU: intel pentium 4 3.2GHz
    ram: 1024MB
    graphics: radeon 9800XT (256mb)
    sound:sound blaster audigy 2
    well i cant put a link for my msinfo32 file becasue i dont have enough posts i guess...if any more info is needed just ask me i guess...
  2. beef_jerky4104

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    Be sure the PC isn't overheating. Another problem could be a failing power supply.
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