My computer turns off by itself!

By Humpy
Mar 29, 2008
  1. It all started when my computer was infected with MSN virus...(stupid me!) went to click on the button and had it installed something into my computer...

    So the next thing I did was to reboot the computer ( I did the quick way hoping that it will solve it...) by putting the Windows XP CD and reinstall a new copy over the old one without deleting any partition.... so that all the contents in the harddisk will not be deleted.

    When I completed everything and thot that it has solved the problem, and connected to the Net only to be prompted by Microsoft Automatic Update asking me to update my system...and I clicked 'Install' (which I always did) but this time, the computer turns off by itself all of a sudden (it turns off like experiencing 'blackout' and didn't shut down), thinking that it may be a technical question, I ignored it.

    But when I shut the computer down the next time, normally when there are updates pending, the computer will automatically update the system telling you not to plug the electric cord, and once it completes it will shut down by i ignored it and let it completed any pending updates.

    The next time I turned on the computer, strange thing was, the updates were still pending, so again I clciked Install manually, and again the computer turns off by itself...

    I tuned on the computer again and disabled the automatic updates.... and this is when the problem starts...

    After like 45 mins, the computer will turns off by itself, but when I press the On button of the CPU again, I just couldn't turn it on anymore. So I have to switch off the electrical socket, and then only I could turn on the PC.

    It happened for the second time, after like 45mins or so it turned off by itself, and for the third time, the fourth...

    and for the fifth time, the Windows XP performed some kind of diagnostic check and deleted some corrupted files...

    I looked up something infos on the NEt and thot it may due to overheating...
    and I checked the Asus probe to monitor the temperature/fans speed, and the temperatures ranged from 34-36 C (from the time the computer starts and until it turns off by itself), so I don't think it's due to overheating, I removed the PC casing, and have all dusts removed. and turned it on again and checked every single fan, and found that none is malfunctioned/each one is working just fine; blowingin, blowing out. So I ruled out 'overheating'

    This time, I thot it may be due to the virus, that I didn't remove it completely, so I reboot the entire system completely... everything was working fine; installed a new copy of Windows XP, installed some related softwares, and connected to the Web to dl some files, but this time, while downloading some new files, it turns off again by itself....and I ruled out virus/trojan that might have caused that.

    I heard about defect capacitors that manufacturer used that may have caused such problem, so I opened the casing and checked every capacitor, and find that each of them is in perfect condition, no build-ups on top, no out of shaped capacitors, no-nothing. I removed the battery attached on the mobo, and plug it in later, and entered into BIOS, I waited for like 2-3 hrs, and yet the computer didn't turn off by itself, so I don't think this problem again is caused by mobo.

    But only this time, things got even worst, after turning on the computer, followed by the 'beep' sound and it STOPS right after BIOS, the computer just hangs like that with black screen, nothing whatsoever, and cannot continue anymore. Tried a second time, the same thing, tried the third , again the same thing, it STOPS right after CMOS, which I presumed must have crashed/damaged the harddisk since when I installed all softwares previously,

    I actually thot of installing them all at one ago and restart it altogether, little did I realize that it will crash the hard disk...

    Now to all experts out there;
    my Questions is:

    1) Should I change a new hard disk, since I cannot proceed any further after BIOS it just cannot load to Windows.
    2) What's wrong with the computer that turns off by itself when I don't think the problem lies mobo, virus, overheating... ~ could it be due to the graphic card? Since that is the last thing on my mind that may cause that... Apart from that, I don't think the CDRom driver will cause that or the sound card....
  2. Matthew

    Matthew TechSpot Staff Posts: 5,332   +101

    I don't think your HDD is at fault, and certainly not malware.

    What I would suggest to you, is that you disassemble your PC down to just the motherboard, CPU, one module of RAM, VPU and PSU. If you still can't get past the POST, you've narrowed the defective components down to these 5.

    I would then suggest you borrow a module of RAM, VPU and PSU that is compatible with your system from another PC. Swap each of those out with the known-working components, and if your system passes the POST without hanging after switching to one of the known-working components, you've successfully isolated the troubled hardware :).

    If your PC still can't make it past the POST after switching to a known working RAM module, VPU and PSU, you're down to only the CPU and motherboard. Motherboards definitely fail more frequently than CPU's, but they both fail very infrequently.
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