My computer will turn on but no display

  1. I just woke up yesterday and turned on my PC and it turned on like usual but the display would not load and the monitor would just fall asleep 10 seconds after I turned on the PC.

    I have an HP pavilion desktop and it has an integrated graphics card that I use because I didn't have the money for a dedicated graphics card at the time, but I believe that is what has crashed on my PC, but I don't really know how to fix it.

    I have hooked it up to another monitor and still got nothing. I also tried taking out the CMOS and letting it sit for five minutes in hopes to reset to factory settings but still nothing. I also switched my RAM into different slots but no luck there.

    Any other suggestions on what I can do? Also if I was to buy a graphics card to put into my PC would that fix the problem? Thanks in advance
  2. Cycloid Torus

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    Do not think buying video card at this time would work for you. Need to diagnose real problem.

    How old is machine? When is warranty over?

    Do you have service manual? - if not download from HP (not from other sites, too much risk of a bad site).

    Are there any beeps or LED flashes that have a pattern (beep code or error code)? Please give detail about motherboard and CPU (version number as well as model if you have it).

    Describe any issues in the last 3-4 weeks.

    If it will not POST and go to BIOS, you may need a new motherboard (or possibly something else).
  3. Coodu

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    I've seen failing PSU's cause this as well. As Cycloid mentioned I'm suspecting perhaps Motherboard issues otherwise. Try a known good Power Supply if you can and feel confident in doing so. They can be had for cheap.
  4. bazz2004

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    After my desktop appeared dead a few months ago I took a chance and bought a new psu. Before fitting the new one I labelled all the wires from the old one and where they fitted. A new psu will have loads of different coloured wires and unless you are an expert labelling everything will make things easier. I'd have been in a real mess if I'd just pulled out the old one and hoped for the best.

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