My dvd is in 2 pieces

Hi guys,
Pls help me to recover my gta san andreas dvd. The down side where the data is stored is broken into 2 pieces but the upper white part is not broken. Can I stick it with some tape or what can I do?


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Hey, I highly doubt that it will work out for you. Why bother with the disc though? Is it nostalgia factor to you?

If you tape it, most likely it won't be able to read the data, but hey, you can try :D
How can I gum up the drive? now another problem has risen. that dvd is in 2 layers and the down part where data is stored broke into 2 pieces. now I have 3 to glue those pieces?

Cycloid Torus

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How can I gum up the drive?

OK, honest answer - DVD spins at very high rate, tape/glue will make disc lopsided, if the disc doesn't shatter, then glue/tape will separate and spread around inside your DVD player.

Steam / GOG should have what you want and at a very reasonable price if you wait for a sale.