My friends looking for a new comp to do gaming whats good? dells?

By bigblued5 ยท 5 replies
Aug 24, 2006
  1. Ok my friend is looking for a new comp to do some gaming on (CS:S and WoW) cause I have my Compaq which will be better thanks to Sharkfood, Tedster and Nickslick74. He likes customing it out like you can do on, change the processor, graphics card and RAM and what not except the cooling system. So hes thinking of getting the dell 9150 or 9200 (the dell xps will take to long for shipping plus its pretty pricey) hes think of spending between $1500 - $2500 so if you know of any sites or good comps please reply.
  2. swker98

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    See if your firend wants to build it, it is a fairly easy thing to do and you get much more for your money then if you go with an oem build
  3. bigblued5

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    He doesnt know how to build a comp, me either but i bet if i had some parts I could. He would build his own comp but if he buys good pieces and then he does something wrong and brakes a piece.....thats an expensive piece so he just wants to buy one off a site. I know it saves TONS of money but he just doesnt want to do something wrong or brake something. So does anyone know any good sites were you could change parts off the comp you want to buy?
  4. nickslick74

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  5. its really easy to put a computer together and u save heaps of money, me and my friend built my computer a week ago and its the first either of us have done and it was simple as. i reckon he should build his own, and if u 2 dont want to risk breaking anything just take all the parts to a computer store and get em to put it together.
  6. bigblued5

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    Ya it looks easy and you say its easy but the hardest part would be all those wires from the cooling system, Im bad with that. And the wires for the disc drives and what not. He might consider making it because if we get stuck we could just take it to a computer store. So I dont know, but if theres no good sites thats his last option. So does anyone have any good sites, Candian would be better.
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