My Laptop (HP OmniBook 4150)

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Mar 9, 2002
  1. My laptop

    About a month ago I got my first laptop. It is an HP OmniBook 4150 (128 MB of RAM, 300 MHz, 6 gig hard drive). It's by far not the most powerful or recent laptop available <grin> but it gets the job done. It's run Windows NT 4.0 (Workstation), Windows 2000, Windows ME, and Windows XP all on it successfully without any problems. Last night I formatted and did a fresh install of Windows XP Home Edition (I have Pro also but chose to use Home on it). In the past I had WinXP Pro on it and it worked fine also. I recently used the laptop to do my Windows 9x/ME Tweak Guide ( ). Windows XP Home Edition is on it now as I said, and running quite well. It is slightly sluggish at times, but not that bad. It runs very stable and reliably. I am impressed despite the slight performance barriers, but it isn't bothersome. It runs everything I throw at it just fine, even some games I've tried. It's really nice to be able to have the portability if I want/need it. And besides, laptops are just sexy, somehow. :grinthumb
  2. svtcobra

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    If you want to get rid of that sluggishness that you speak of, put another 128mb of memory in it. WinXP requires 128mb and recommends 256mb. That will help out alot.
  3. CptSiskoX

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    If I had a free 128 MB laying around I would <grin>. I know the more RAM the better with WinXP especially. My desktop has 512 MB. :)
  4. svtcobra

    svtcobra TechSpot Paladin Posts: 761

    I just ordered another 256 for my laptop from crucial. I have been watching the price continue to climb and I figured I would do it now before it got out of hand.
  5. Arris

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    Considering for win2000 its recommended that you have a machine with at least 300Mhz processor with 128mb of ram I ain't surprised that you find your occasionally hitting a performance barrier ;)
  6. Th3M1ghtyD8

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    My PC takes around 140Mb just to get off the ground with WinXP.

    This is a bare system - the only things running are tweakxp and a couple of things in the systray.
  7. Arris

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    I have Sophos running in the system tray and I swear that my Dell 7000 366Mhz machine takes at least 5 mins to start up from cold!! :eek: :mad:
  8. Elcarion

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    My main PC at work was an HP Omnibook 4150 until about 6 months ago. I had unacceptable performance running Win2K with 128MB RAM and Lotus Notes. The main problem was that Lotus uses a minimum of 30MB of RAM which leaves about 20MB free for everything else...If you can find RAM for a good price, go for it.
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