My leadtek (winfast a400 GT TDH) geforce 6800gt is doing crazy things

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Dec 13, 2004
  1. Scramjet

    Scramjet TS Rookie

    Try this, ........

    This is from the page,com_simpleboard/Itemid,34/func,view/id,2174/catid,10/

    " I think all 6800's have a fan speed that is normally automatically controlled by the card. A lot of people are having problems with their Leadteks being unable to OC without artifacts and are having success when they use ExperTool to run their fans at full speed.
    ExperTool seems to work with most cards, so the fan speed must be controllable on 6800's. But the speed isn't monitored so I guess the controller just controls the voltage to the fan."

    Maybe changing the fan speed, or something with the called program Expertool, the problem will be solved
  2. Scramjet

    Scramjet TS Rookie

  3. atomicplayer

    atomicplayer TS Rookie Posts: 30

    Most of us cant even get to windows with the card. Maybe you found the problem but how to resolve it if we are unable to read whats on the screen and if the comp reboots after 30 seconds :(
  4. sensui

    sensui TS Rookie

    I talk to leadtek and they finally admit that they have some serious design flaws on all 6800xxx cards no matter if it is the PCi-EX or AGP. They cant find solutions, they said the change the big cooler on the card it lessen the RMA return to them but still even with small new heatsinks they still got the problem. They said this is a memory problem on the card which keep failing for they dont know whats the reason.
  5. atomicplayer

    atomicplayer TS Rookie Posts: 30

    hmm that's not a good news... so all we can do is hope to receive a working card... maybe that we have 20% chance to receive one.. :suspicious:
  6. sensui

    sensui TS Rookie

    Yes I think thats the only hope we would get. That the replacement card has a good and durable built. They also said that they found out that the 6800xx with big heat sinks usually already got damaged during the shipping due to vibration. I think the weight causes the heatsink that was stick to the memory to have problems with it. So basically the whole 6800 line is design flaw. I really dont think they would try to fix this problem since they already start shipping 7800xxx. I think they will just keep RMA'ing this card until all warranties run out. I would be expecting my replacement again next week. They said they would ship it out today. This is my 3rd replacement! Damn!
  7. Scramjet

    Scramjet TS Rookie


    havent try this
  8. guyfawkes1963

    guyfawkes1963 TS Rookie

    leadtek 6800gt graphics corruption

    hi guys and girls thanks to you i think i might have found a partial solution to some of the problems we are having. I was having exactly the same problem as many of you where you start an online game and get dumped straight bacm to desk top .. i have gone into the bios of my msi k8n neo2 and increased the agp voltage from 1.5v? upto 1.55v and now this card is as stable as i can get it have played bf2 for over 2 hours without any problems :eek: :wave:
  9. NukeWinter

    NukeWinter TS Rookie

    My solution

    I joined the forum to post this. I had all the same symptoms that are mentioned above, and my problem with this card turned out to be the weight. It's so heavy that some of the connections are not made, or it's straining the MB or something. I propped an old cell phone up under the card and it solved almost all of my problems, and not instantly but after a reboot. This is a ridiculous solution but it worked for me, so I hope this is useful to others experiencing these problems.
  10. Ruder

    Ruder TS Rookie Posts: 98

    The memory controller on the cards is faulty. Either a design fault or a manufacturing problem. Sometimes on the cards due to heat & mech stress the copper tracks crack between the boards.

    Replace the card. Do not buy refurbished goods in general unless you own a soldering iron & oscilloscope...
  11. maltewannerskog

    maltewannerskog TS Rookie

    I also have a Leadtek Winfast A400 (6800GT).
    I bought it 1 year and 10!! days ago. And now it started to behave strange (See images)


    I mailed Leadtek and i also got a response where they said
    "By Euopean law the seller has to give 2 year of warranty see link below

    I went to the store where I bought it and they said that they give a one year warranty and they couldnt help me. I refered to Leadteks info and they said that if I as a customer can prove that the product was broken when i bought it they could help me.
    But lets be realistic that wont happen.

    So i mailed Leadtek support again explaining that the store wasnt willing to help me. I got this response:


    Can you please send us a copy of the original invoice(bill) and reply this
    e-mail when you send it by fax or postage?
    You can send it by e-mail (just reply), by fax 0031 (0)20 4109111, or by
    postage to:
    Please when you do it by Fax/postage write RMA REQUEST on it
    Please also the Serial number of the card

    Is this how they started the "RMA process" with you?
    I cant seem to find out what warranty Leadtek gives in Europe. I can only hope for 3 years.

    It dont know if i have a bad card. I mean it worked fine for 1 year. I thought that the problem with the weight of the card sounded like a possible explenation. But i tried fiddling with the card in the AGP port with no result.

    I also have a FX5200 which works fine. And when i try the Leadtek A400 in a friends computer he experiences the same problems.
  12. NukeWinter

    NukeWinter TS Rookie

    Do any of these cards work?

    I'm forced to get a replacement for this card (of course it is non-refundable!!!). Does anyone have an A400 that works? Oh god I hope so...
  13. sensui

    sensui TS Rookie

    I got my replacement card today. They replace the big junk copper 2 slot heat sink with a single slot copper heat sink. Its lighter but I dont know if thats going to help. Im still thinking I might sell this instead of using it again since this is my 3rd stupid replacement.

    Just warning to all that Leadtek admitted to me that it might be all of their 6800's has some issues similar to the memory problems. They recieve numerous issues of the said issues. As I said in my previous posts that the big junk heatsink is one of the reason to make it faulty according to them. So they decided to switch to the single slot. They also said that they still recieve some RMA on the single slot but not as much as the dual slot heat sinks. Many people warned at newegg that the single slot produce alot of heat. So Ive been thinking Ill just sell this replacement of mine and get me some other cards instead.

    I hope this help you guys out.
  14. maltewannerskog

    maltewannerskog TS Rookie

    Sorry for beeing stupid. Where can i find the serial# on the card? :)
  15. sensui

    sensui TS Rookie

    Serial number is usual on the card it self at the back or anywhere around the card. It is usually very tiny and comes in long series of numbers in it.
  16. Ruder

    Ruder TS Rookie Posts: 98

    It is called a "VPU Recover". There was a system fault, and the ACPI restarted the card. Afterwards it runs on standard mode Windows drivers.

    Swap the card out ... (Return to supplier for exchange).
  17. Ruder

    Ruder TS Rookie Posts: 98

    BTW if anyone wants to throw their faulty card away - pm me. I will take it and see what the real problem is ... maybe I figure out a fix for everyone that has problems. If I manage to fix the card, I will reyurn it to its owner.
  18. Matt_3D

    Matt_3D TS Rookie

    Thanks Ruder. In the end I bought myself an XFX 7800GT...and an Athon64 etc It's a ripper. I'm not using the 6800GT in my work PC and it is working really well. The second time the card died was because of windows, not the card itself (It was a good excuse to upgrade though :p
  19. atomicplayer

    atomicplayer TS Rookie Posts: 30

    I've finally got the email from ups saying that the card is on the way to my home.. so if it takes 2 weeks like it took for the card to get to leadtek, ill probably receive it on january 17th.

    I hope it will work and if not, I'll try what some of you tried, put something under the card to keep it in the slot. I *hope* it's a weight problem, because it's not such a big issue.

    *sry again for my bad english*
  20. Fenski

    Fenski TS Rookie

    I have the 6800 which ran fine for months, then the random boot up artifacting mentioned countless times before.
    Unfortunately i don't have the warranty :mad: so i REALLY hope it is the weight of the card that is screwing it up, becase after sometimes pushing the card up Windows will boot fine.

    (And sorry for adding another useless post to this 8 page thread :dead: )
  21. Jasonlydon

    Jasonlydon TS Rookie

    Another Card With Problems

    Just figured I'd add on the misery.

    I bought my Leadtek A400GT in January (2005). From Newegg, of course. It worked fine (HL2 was gorgeous!) for about 10 months.

    Then...I got garbled image and artifacts, just like most people in this thread.

    Tried a bunch of differnet solutions, didn't work. Tried two different video cards, and they worked like a charm.

    Currently am using a GeForce2 (32mb). :(

    Sent my RMA request today with the form that was linked to earlier in the thread. I hope they don't give me **** because it is so close to the 1-year warranty ending. Though they shouldn't, given the fact that they clearly sent out a defective batch.
  22. naxywaxy

    naxywaxy TS Rookie

    hey... i had **** happening wih my geforce 7800 gt the day i installed it ... all my games have tearing, artifacts, w/e all over the screen, i have an rma forum now, but where on my graphics card is the serial number????? it dosnt say serial no. anywhere on my card... also, i want a replacement, what box do i choose?

    1. Return for Repair: 2. Return from Eval:
  23. atomicplayer

    atomicplayer TS Rookie Posts: 30

    usually there is a letter sticker on the back of the card with the serial number on it.

    Check the Return for repair box. I did twice and they rma'd the card..
  24. choppa

    choppa TS Rookie

    If there's anyone looking at selling their dead gfx card, please PM or email me.
  25. hal9000

    hal9000 TS Rookie

    I had the same problem, and after initial reluctance (they tried to get me to go back to the retailer) Leadtek RMAd my card back to Holland (from UK) even though it was over 1 year old, fixed it, and promptly sent it back - less that 2 week turn around.

    So I am pretty happy - they fixed my out of warranty card for nothing.
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