My leadtek (winfast a400 GT TDH) geforce 6800gt is doing crazy things

By dr_jared · 253 replies
Dec 13, 2004
  1. atomicplayer

    atomicplayer TS Rookie Posts: 30

    hmm not a bad idea.. i should try this...

    I sent leadtek a mail like 2 weeks ago and the one who recieve it forward it to the rma guy but this guy has never replied my request. so i sent another email and it did the same thing, the guy who receives my mail does what he has to do but the rma guy doesn't react... so maybe i should fill the rma request form that i already had and i send it directly to the guy who usually forwards my mails...
  2. atomicplayer

    atomicplayer TS Rookie Posts: 30

    oh and a last thing : would a antistatic wrist band be enough to protect the card from static if i plug it on the heatsink to the case ?
  3. Scramjet

    Scramjet TS Rookie

    Maybe, but try no to touch any part of your mother board, or to stop the fans of any of your components with the antiestatic wrist, as i said it has worked for me, and is only a theory.

    Did you try to turn off you pc, disconnect the main cable of your cpu (i mean disconnect the electricity source to avoid a damage), and then disconnect the energy cable of the videocard, and then the mb celetricity cable, ahh before that discharge your self in some part of your pc chasis, wait around 15 minutes, not less, and then connect everything again and see...

    I still havent had any video problem since the last time i did this, and it was 10 days ago, even i have had my pc running for around 10 hours per day and still waiting .

    sorry about my bad english.
  4. Jubalint

    Jubalint TS Rookie

    Hi, I recently purchased one of these cards myself. I haven't experianced any artifacting however. My problem has been that whenever I start a game or program that makes use of 3d gfx my computer will reboot after just a minute or too of gameplay. At first I wondered if this was because of my cpu getting to hot, but I switched out my gfx card and tried with a radeon 9800 xt and was able to play some games for the first time in a week. I searched google, and no one else seems to be having my problem and just wondering if anyone in this thread has had a similiar problem? I'm probably going to RMA this in a few days, but it'll be hard finding another 6800gt this good that actually runs AGP...
  5. Deepfreeze

    Deepfreeze TS Rookie

    I thought I'd add my Leadtek problems to this thread (this taken from another thread).

    I have a similar problem. My video card is a Leadtek Winfast 6800GT TDH.

    It will run Windows XP and small stuff (console apps, internet explorer) run just fine, but when I try to play a game it may work for a minute or two and then restarts the computer.

    My computer specs:
    Thermaltake 500W Purepower PS
    Intel D915GAV motherboard
    Intel P4 3.0GHz LGA775 processor
    1 GB of Corsair Value Select PC3200 DDR 400 RAM
    Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS

    I had problems before when I built this rig. The original was using a gigabyte board and the PS died after 5 days. Got the rig home from the computer repair center and upon 2 hours of use the PS died again. It turned out to be a short in the PCI Express slot that was frying the PS's, but did nothing to the graphics card?

    So I sent the Thermaltake PS back and received it yesterday, gigabyte board was RMA'd back to Newegg and I took the Intel board over a replacement gigabyte.

    I know the PS is good. I know the memory is good. The motherboard has been flashed with the latest bios.

    Is it time to RMA the video card?
  6. Matt_3D

    Matt_3D TS Rookie

    Thanks to this forum I've saved myself several hundreds of dollars on my Leadtek 6800GT. It started working fine with the odd crash. I thought that was due to my power supply. A couple of hours later and about 5 or so resets later my displays corrupted even in bios. I did a search and came across this forum. It was a relief knowing that it was due to a defective card and not something that had blown in my PC. Today i've sent my card off to Leadtek and hopefully I'll have a working card in a week or 2. Without stumbling on to this forum I wouldn't have known about the RMA process. Unfortunantly, due to the card being from the US, and me being in Australia there is a hefty postage to pay, but as long as I get a working card back I'll be happy :hotbounce Thanks for the help guys. :giddy:
  7. atomicplayer

    atomicplayer TS Rookie Posts: 30

    it took 40 days to get a new card (approximately 2 weeks of shipping, 1 week and a half to replace the card at leadtek and another 2 weeks to go back to my home...) and it was faulty :mad:
  8. garlicbread

    garlicbread TS Rookie

    I've got a 6800 Ultra Leadtek A400 AGP (B1) and I'm now having the same problems as everyone else here

    I originally bought this thing in October last year, worked fine up until recently, I'd recently I've added in another 1Gb of Ram with an X2 AMD64 4600 processor onto the A8V mobo which must have disturbed it
    about a day afterwards coloured bars on the Bios Screens
    tried the card in a friends machine - same result

    The strange thing is, in Safemode in Windows in low res it's a perfect picture, but during the Bios bootup there are coloured bars all over the place
    tried adjusting the AGP voltage to 1.6 but no effect
    makes me wonder if a component has gone to lower the AGP voltage on the board, as I've heard an AGP voltage of 1.4 has the same symptoms that I'm seeing

    I've read somewhere that these cards may have a 3year warrantly on with Leadtek, or at least I'm hoping that is the case
    sent a mail across to try and arrange an RMA will see how it goes
  9. Matt_3D

    Matt_3D TS Rookie

    Just a quick update. I received my card back from Leadtek the other day (2 week turnaround) And it works like a charm. Being a U.S card and living in Australia meant a hefty price for postage though. I've only had about 1 hour to test the card so hopefully it can hang in there for the long run. Leadtek were really helpful and made the RMA process nice and easy. I may still stick with Leadtek :)
  10. Deepfreeze

    Deepfreeze TS Rookie

    I too, thought I'd put in a quick update.

    I RMA'ed my card back to Leadtek on October 24, 2005 (Monday). They received the card on October 26, 2005(Wednesday). I was notified that I had a video card coming back from Leadtek on October 28, 2005 (Friday). I immediately sent an email to Leadtek telling them I was a tad concerned over a 2-day turnaround time. I received no reply. I received the card the following week on like Thursday.

    First thing I did, based on experiences of other people here, was to check the serial number on the card. It was the exact same card I had originally sent in. I think, ok.. cool maybe they fixed whatever was wrong with it.

    They didn't fix anything. All they had done, evidently, is stick my card in a different box and send it back to me. I had the same problems, graphics corruption, and power resets as before. Two individual techs from two different repair centers, here in town, said the video card was bad. I watched them each pop different PCI-E cards in my computer and it crank sweet graphics out. No resets, no problems whatsoever.

    So I send hate mail to Leadtek trying to figure out if anything was ever done. The reply from Leadtek was another approved RMA form.

    So lets figure $300 for the card. $20 for shipping the first time to them, and now another $20 for shipping the card back to them AGAIN. If the problem isn't fixed this time, I'm going to have to plead with to do an exchange with me or something.

    Here's one consumer who won't ever buy another Leadtek product again.

  11. Matt_3D

    Matt_3D TS Rookie

    First thing I checked was the serial too. It was a different number luckily. The day the received it they said they would send a card out the next day. By what they said, it sounded like they were sending a new card and they did. I think I would've had a meltdown if this card was broken. Touch wood it doesn't break. Delivery to the US was around $25, for them to return the card was quite pricey. I can't afford to send it back if it dies again. It's a damn fine card when it works :grinthumb

    Hopefully you get a working card back this time, Deepfreeze.
  12. garlicbread

    garlicbread TS Rookie

    I've not sent mine back yet
    but I'm starting to think that it could be the edge connector
    looking at my own it does look as if the contacts could do with cleaning a bit
    also there may be a scratch on one of them

    perhaps in the situations where they've sent the same card back they've just cleaned up the connector a bit and tested it
    I'm thinking the weight of the card may have some influence on this because of the massive heatsink

    so I think I'll try a cleaning solution first
    if that fails I'll then try testing each contact with a multimeter to check for broken contacts on the edge connector, and then perhaps try to fix any broken contacts with one of those silver conductive pens
  13. Matt_3D

    Matt_3D TS Rookie

    Another update. I gave the card another run last night and was faced with a few lock-ups and messages saying "Microsoft Windows detected and recovered from a device failure. Please save your work and reboot to restore full functionality" I'm really hoping this is a driver problem because I can't afford to send the card off again. Has anyone else had this problem?
  14. garlicbread

    garlicbread TS Rookie

    I’ve tried cleaning the edge connector but that’s not it
    Windows / Linux on mine seems completely unaware of the fact that anything is wrong (the system boots fine you just can’t see what’s going on), maybe this could be a faulty cap on the board I’m not sure but I suspect it’s something after the GPU, I’ve noticed that it runs a memory test when first switched on and it doesn’t seem to be showing any errors there

    I’d had no response from the online support form on
    So I sent a mail across to and at the same time
    Had a response from the Marketing department, they’ve forwarded this onto which I think is the Europe address
    Plus a couple of other leadtek addresses including one belonging to a guy called Theo
  15. MightyThor

    MightyThor TS Rookie

    i'm haveing the same problem..but i have had my card for about a year just started doing this one day when i turned my computer far i have ruled out it being a software issue...i'm thinking it is overheating and the fan needs to be replaced...but not sure
  16. gary_hendricks

    gary_hendricks TS Rookie Posts: 107

    Two things - DirectX drivers and video card drivers. Make absolutely sure they are all up to date.
  17. garlicbread

    garlicbread TS Rookie

    well I seem to be getting somewhere
    just sent them a scan of the original invoice by email

    note - if the corruption is showing up post boot
    i.e. before windows when the bios is showing its text etc before windows kicks in - then it won't be a driver issue

    the heatsink was cleaned out every so often with compressed air, and the heatsink is one of the biggest I've ever seen so I can't imagine it being an overheating issue
    although it does sound if there is some form of common fault with all the boards
  18. pault123

    pault123 TS Rookie

    Just signed up specially to make a post here.

    I have been using a Leadtek a400 6800 gt for about a month with no problem, plays games blazing fast and runs nice and cool.

    Ordered one for my brother as I was so impressed by it, received it today.

    Took my current Leadtek and put my brothers in just to give it a quick test before I gave it to him.

    Look what happened >>

    <img src="" alt="Image hosted by">


    What a mess.

    Put my current Leadtek back and in its fine no problem what so ever.

    I can say without a doubt this problem is simply caused by a faulty batch of Leadtek cards. I am currently arranging to return the card.

  19. Slaytanica

    Slaytanica TS Rookie


    I don't want to sound preachy, but if you have a problem with your card right out of the box or within a couple of days, just return it to the retailer (ex. Newegg). Their return policies will be 1000% better than LedTeks. LedTek won't give you your money back, and will make you pay shipping. Screw them! Newegg took my card back at full refund and paid my shipping. Don't mess around with LedTek. Their products suck. Just return for full refund to the retailer and get a new card made by Asus, BFG, XFX or other quality manufacturer.

    Seriously, it kills me when I read that people are trying all sorts of driver updates, tests in friend's computers, etc. and then dealing with LedTek's terrible customer support and RMA processs. It is clear that LedTek is selling faulty products. DON'T WASTE TIME!!! JUST SEND IT BACK TO NEWEGG!!!
  20. garlicbread

    garlicbread TS Rookie

    If you've only had the card for a couple of days then it probably is better to return it to where it was originaly purchased to get one from a different manufactuerer
    If the card has to be a LeadTek one (perhaps for the overclocking - massive heatsink) then it may be better to go back to Leadtek, as the card you may get back from the shop may just be another one in a batch of faulty ones

    some of the cards here (like mine) seem to have been working for a long while (around a year) and then just konk out, which suggests that the faulty batch may be ones that were made around a year ago perhaps
    I've sent it back to Leadtek recently and everything seems to be going well, I've had confirmation that they've received the card and that it's gone to the testing Lab
    That was a couple of weeks after sending it (although it took a couple of weeks to get through the post)
    so I'll just have to see what happens next
  21. atomicplayer

    atomicplayer TS Rookie Posts: 30

    I've sent my second card to leadtek last thursday. If you've read previous posts you know that I already had problems with my first leadtek 6800 gt, i shipped it back to leadtek and sent me another faulty card. so it's this one that i sent back thursday. hopefully I'll receive a working card. lots of people here have had problems with their first and second cards but their third one seems to work well (about time).

    i live in quebec, canada so it will take around 40 days to receive the next one (2 weeks to get to leadtek, around 1 week - 1 week and a half for leadtek to replace my card [they took this long last summer] and another 2 weeks to get back to me)
  22. Matt_3D

    Matt_3D TS Rookie

    I'm hoping my second card doesn't bum out on me because I'm selling it to a guy at work. It's in my work machine at the moment and seems to be going fine. No way I'm paying $100 postage again. That'll teach me for buying off Ebay :mad: I now have an XFX 7800GT at home and it works like a charm. I would consider Leadtek again, but I'd do my homework first.
  23. SqzyMcWtkr

    SqzyMcWtkr TS Rookie

    Well I just signed up here to say, I got one of these video cards last year, and it's been pretty good. Skip the leadtek software mostly and just use Nvidia drivers.

    So the other day I find new bios for it on leadtek's site, and after reading about how people who upgrade their video bios are LOONS I decided, hey.

    I mean, I can gamble my $300 or so that it cost me for this card if I want to, right.

    So I installed leadtek's damn winfox 2 thing and flashed the new bios in... and I will just say that I am very pleasantly surprised for now. I guess I should do benchmarks or something to be sure, but this thing now seems to be running video games a lot smoother than it did before. And it was a pretty good card before.

    So on the whole, it's been great.
  24. sensui

    sensui TS Rookie

    Wow Im surprised on the posts here. I never thought that so many people have the same problems as I do. I have the A400 TDH GT, and right now leadtek has my card and its the 3rd time return. Im so upset because it has the same stupid problem of having artifacts of no reason. I guess this 6800 series on Leadtek the whole line is not been made in good design. Im now waiting on their comments on why is it like this...
  25. hal9000

    hal9000 TS Rookie

    I bought a A400 6800 non-ultra card. It has been fine up until a few days ago, when I saw loads of artifacts, and windows rebooted. Now have corruption etc in BIOS. I have never overclocked the card, and was not playing a game at the time. It seems the memory just packed up - some dodgy RAM I reckon.

    Anyway, having read this post, I contacted Leadtek, this was their reply:


    Please go back to the shop where you bought the card By Euopean law the seller has to give 2 year of warranty see link below

    Met vriendelijke groet,
    Best regards,

    Leadtek Support

    I do not know what the cedarrapids website has to do with anything! They are really trying to pull a fast one.

    So, I asked the shop ( and this was their response:

    I have to advise you that your graphics card is no longer covered by the Lowest on Web warranty.

    The 1 year "Return to Base" warranty expired on 16/11/2005.

    We are unable to issue you a returns authorisation number in this instance.

    So, it seems Leadtek are fed up with all of you returning cards, and probably so is the website.

    Can anyone clarify exactly what the warranty situation should be in the UK for an A400 6800??


    PS I won't be buying from either or Leadtek any more!
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