my logs from the first affected machine

By farmer guy
Mar 31, 2009
  1. Google redirect and regedit problems - logs attached

    I am having Google redirect issues, plus Regedit won't run, and several of the programs I see described in the 8 steps and in other posts won't run.

    This is happening on 2 of my 3 computers, including the one on which I make my living.

    I have completed the 8 step removal instructions for each computer.

    So starting with my laptop, here are my most recent logs from the successful scans to date.

    Extra notes:
    - Combofix won't run
    - Fixit won't run (either .zip or .exe)
    - SuperAntiSpyware won't update
    - Avira won't update

    I appreciate any help you can provide - I'd like to avoid wiping the drive if at all possible.

  2. jsikaras

    jsikaras TS Rookie

    Found the solution

    Im new to this board, but I just wanted to pass along this information regarding this Hijacker/Malware problem that people seem to be having. I had two clients with the same exact problems above and I ran the same exact tools as everyone else in here (hijackthis/malware bytes/spybot/trend micro/symantec) and nothing seemed to work. I worked on this for 3 days and was not able to get anywhere with this so i did some research and found this one tool called Prevxcsi and it worked like a champ...Im not a schill for this company, but I just wanted to pass this info along to everyone because I know the frustration of dealing with this kind of crap. I hope this helps...


    Sikaras Tech Group, LLC
  3. farmer guy

    farmer guy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    It worked!

    Many thank yous to jsikaras.

    After sitting around for several days wondering if anyone would ever respond to my query, and after getting close to reformating the drive and starting from scratch, along came the perfect recommendation at the perfect time.

    Prevxcsi worked like a charm, and my computer is back to acting normal.

    In all my research, I had not come across this program, but within 10 minutes, it found 9 infections that no other program found. Once these infections were nuked, my computer started operating normally again.

    With thanks to jsikaras, two thumbs up to Prevxcsi.
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