My Minecraft server

By tehbanz
Sep 27, 2011
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  1. Greetings everyone, i've just come along to invite you all to join me and some friends on my minecraft server, currently it's running the latest version in "pirate mode" for those of you cheap bastards out there.

    it's on a slow connection right now (1.5mbps up) and I'm looking into potential options but it's very playable and we've got quite a few users!

    As of right now the world is empty save a few hobbled together houses from dirt/wood as the old server's HDD died and we've gotta start from scratch. but alas, now i've got 2 backup orders in place and we'll be rockin into the future problem free!

    check us out @ (IP might change soon, looking into getting a legit domain) but for the time being it works well.

    have fun and see you on!

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