my next problem -pc keeps rebooting

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Feb 15, 2006
  1. my pc keeps rebooting itself on start up,it shows an intel inside desktop board picture then goes to the windows xp screen,i can log on if im quick and if i can manage to connect quick enough it stays on,but if not it reboots itself,a window pops up just before it reboots,its quick so cant read it but it says something about a missing library,if it reboots,when it comes back on the wording of the switch the computer off has changed(i changed it to switch off this goddamn pc) and it reverts back to switch this computer off,unless i can connect in which case it goes back to switch this goddamn pc off.can you tell me what to do about this please?thankyou in advance :approve:
  2. PanicX

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    Just before windows begins to load, start pushing the "F8" key to get the Safe Mode menu. Try launchin windows in safe mode to see if the issue persists. If you successfully login to safe mode, try checking the Event Log for an error consistent with your rebooting problem. You can also try a system restore from safe mode to reset your PC to a time before the reboots started occuring. Also try disabling any unnecessary startup programs through msconfig (start menu -> Run -> type: msconfig <press enter> -> startup tab).
  3. Nukey

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    If you can not boot into safe mode, you can check to see if you have picked up any viruses from the recovery console. You can access the recovery console by inserting your Windows XP CD and rebooting and following the simple onscreen instructions. When you are in the console you should type the following:

    dir <systemdrive>\docume~1\<username>\startm~1\programs\startup

    if there is nothing present then also check this folder:

    dir <systemdrive>\docume~1\alluse~1\startm~1\programs\startup

    If your username has more than 8 characters in, shorten it down to 6 characters and add ~1 to it.

    Normally what is very common is the virus uses the "shutdown.exe" program in the system32 folder, but as a shortcut (for example, shutdown.exe -r -t01), and if it is present it shows in the folder as ...startup\ ***** .lnk

    The file may vary but its worth a look. The switches stand for -r (restart) and -t01 (restarts in 1 second).

    If they are there then delete the shortcuts and reboot. Other than this it may be a corrupted WINLOGON.EXE file and you will need to use Windows setup to repair your product.

    I hope this helps. Good luck!
  4. lindy-lou

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    thanks,i will try what you have said,looks complicated though, :confused: i have problems booting in safe mode because my graphics go haywire and it will only let me access the administator user,my pc came with xp installed,so what do i do if i havent got a disc?
  5. Nukey

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    well I can assure you it is easier than it looks when you're there. But without the setup disc it's near on impossible to get to the recovery console. And with the safe mode problem it could be worse.

    In all honesty without that I am not really sure on what else there is to try. Oh, I have just noticed something. Ignore the last message, I should have read your post properly first!

    I have just noticed about the missing library. It seems like a vital system file may be missing or corrupt. Have you tried Last Known Good Configuration in the F8 menu? :)
  6. lindy-lou

    lindy-lou TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok thanks anyway,last known good config works ok but its annoying to have to do that everytime i switch on,just thought i may be able to repair what is missing or corrupt,last known config it is then!!
  7. Nukey

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    well normally when you choose that option you only have to do it once. That would sort it out once and for all. If not then you could always use that option and attempt to repair it from there. :D
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