My pda files will not save on my desktop

By hswaters
Dec 2, 2007
  1. I have a problem with saving pda files on my desktop. The files are things such as mp3s, spread sheets, text files. I have an Axim X51 and an Asus A639. When I connect to the desktop pc with Activesync I use the windows explorer to browse the pda and can the drag and drop files from the pda to my desktop. I see the progress bar move and everything looks like a normal successful copy but the files are never actually saved on the desktop pc. If I configure the Asus as a memory card reader the files transfer to the desktop normally. Either of these pdas can transfer files normally to my computer at work. At one time this all worked as it should.

    I have turned off the firewall and stopped the virus scanner (AVG free). I have reinstalled activesync. Still no luck in the file copy to the desktop. Files copy to the pdas just fine.

    My system
    desktop pc with windows XP pro
    Asus pda with windows mobile six
    Axim pda with windows mobile five
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