My Server 2003 LAN share are in-accessible via VPN connection

By zynizen
Nov 13, 2008
  1. I would like to know if I'm doing this right.. I've got 1 Server 2003 SP2 installation, 1 static IP, RRAS setup for VPN PPTP, I've got shares setup properly on that server's RAID array, and ACL's on them.

    Everything works fine when I connect from outside to VPN into the box and access the data on that 1 server.

    I've also got another server that's going to be running some accounting software and sql server 05. I currently have it connected as a member server just authenticating to the domain as "AccServer" and it's password.

    On the above RRAS server do I need to specifically define some rules for the routes or whatever to be able to access locations on that accounting server hdd's RAID? It seems when I connect, I simply cannot even see ANY lan computers like a normal VPN setup is supposed to work. I can only see the server I'm connecting to.

    Do I need to dcpromo that accounting server to be an Active Directory replica to be able to share the user accounts, logins, and resources first, then it will work?

    Ultimately i want to be able to access via VPN the first domain controller and then whatever other shares that get setup on the accounting server + a couple LAN computers.

    Sorry for the long description I hope this helps and someone knows what's going on. Thanks.
  2. zynizen

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    Anyone? Is this simply a matter of installing a WINS server or something like that to get netbios names across the lan? thanks
  3. zynizen

    zynizen TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 56

    Ok so I've searched the net aimlessly to try and solve this issue. It looks like I've done everything possible in the RRAS setup to enable the RRAS server as a router as well. I've done that and still no luck.

    I can connect to my VPN, but still cannot access anything beyond the IP address of the virtual adapter in RRAS.

    I'm also informed that I should probably change the default network at work from 192.168.1.x to something more less ordinary.. like 192.168.16.x so that when users are connecting, there is no possible iP conflicts or whatnot.

    I haven't done this yet, but I will get to it this week, and report back, but if anyone has any other suggestions.. by all means.

    This is my current setup:

    Static Modem plugged into Hotbrick LB-2 (, Server with 1 Nic (, 20+ Lan clients into switch with server, and the following services on server:

    DHCP > to scope
    File sharing etc
    RRAS > vpn static connectors set to to 160 range.

    At this point I'm not sure what to do except try the IP address switch to like.. 192.168.16.x

    Thanks for any help. Is there a better place to post questions like this if there isn't too many server techies around?
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