May 21, 2006
  1. I'm thinking of setting up an NAS for my home network to store all my huge files. Given that they are huge files (and that I fill my HDDs pretty fast, my new 200gb lasted 6 months before filling up) I probably will be getting a multi-drive NAS.

    Is there one for about 200bux that has Gigabit? If it runs RAID, thats a huge bonus, and if it runs RAID 5, I'm running out and buying one right now.

    I've found a couple with RAID 5, but I've got no idea how much they cost, which is why I'm stuck here asking you guys :D

    Thecus 4100
    Infrant ReadyNAS NV (and its siblings)

    I've seen the SC101, its really cheap, but I was hoping for something with gigabit.
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