Nasty Vundo Blocking install of SuperAntiSpyware & Java Update

By HeironJosch
Jan 16, 2009
  1. I've followed the 8 steps as much as the virus has allowed. I was able to install and run CCleaner, which I did several times until 0 items were deleted. I'm in safe mode, which has disabled the services associated with AVG's realtime monitoring, I believe. I ran Malwarebytes, which found 24 threats and was unable to remove two dll files which were added to the "delete on boot up list." I've attached the log. As stated in my Message Title, I was unable to install SuperAntiSpyware, I get a message stating "the administrator has set restrictions that prevent this installation." I tried logging out of my user name and back in as admin but got the same message. The same happened when I tried to update my Java. I ran HJT, which I did rename, and I've attached the log. I sure hope I can whip this thing with some help. Thank you so much, in advance, to anyone with some input on this thing.


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    Disabling AVG 8.0

    Well, apparantly the real time functions of AVG aren't disabled in safe mode. I tried to run Combofix and got an error message that AVG Internet Security was running. Unfortunately, the AVG UI cannot be accessed in safe mode, only the command line tool. I rebooted into normal mode to access the UI and disable the suite but it appears the Vundo is also preventing me from opening the AVG UI. Is there another way to disable the AVG from safe mode by disabling a service or stopping a process?
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