Naughty Dog is remaking The Last of Us again, and not everybody is happy about it

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In a nutshell: It has been almost eight years since The Last of Us launched on the PlayStation 3. Since then, it has seen a remaster and a sequel on the PS4. Now it will be getting a "remake" for the PlayStation 5, but not everybody is thrilled.

Insiders say Sony has officially greenlighted a next-gen remake of Naughty Dog's smash hit The Last of Us, codenamed "T1X." However, Bloomberg reports that the internal politics of the project has churned up turmoil within Sony studios. Many of the team initially working on T1X have left the company over the move.

Work on the project started about three years ago when Michael Mumbauer, the head and founder of a Sony support studio called Visual Arts Service Group, formed an internal division with the idea of expanding some of Sony's most successful titles. His team got the go-ahead to begin work on a remake of The Last of Us for PlayStation 5. However, Sony only sanctioned the project on a probationary basis and kept the effort secret. The division was never even given a name, nor was it given the support or funds to complete the project successfully.

Still, work continued, and the team eventually had a working section of the game to showcase how it would look and play. However, efforts got stalled when Sony needed Visual Arts Service Group to help Naughty Dog finish The Last of Us Part II. The game had already been delayed from a 2019 release to 2020, and execs wanted to get it polished and out the door.

Mumbauer and his team helped out, expecting to continue work on T1X when TLoU2 was ready to ship. Instead, Sony handed the project over to the original creator and studio darling Naughty Dog. Disenchanted, the still-unnamed internal team disbanded. Mumbauer and several others quit Sony completely. However, they are not the only ones under Sony's umbrella disappointed in the company's decisions.

Sony Bend, the developer behind Days Gone, pitched Days Gone 2 and was shot down. Although the game was one of Sony's best-selling titles for 2019, executives believed that it took too long to develop. They also felt that reviews were mixed, a stance not entirely supported by its metascores. While critics' reviews were about split between "positive" and "mixed," very few responded negatively. Perhaps more important is how the gaming community reacted, and user scores were overwhelmingly high.

Instead of giving the go-ahead for Days Gone 2, Sony split the Oregon-based studio into two groups. One was to help Naughty Dog with a multiplayer title, and the other started work on a new Uncharted game under the watchful eye of ND superiors. Several staff members, including development leads, quit. Fearing that it would lose its independence, Sony Bend leadership asked that Sony remove the studio from the Uncharted project, which it did. Now Sony Bend has an unnamed original IP in the pipe.

While some fans may be anxious for a PS5 version of The Last of Us, the concept seems entirely unnecessary. The original game looked gorgeous on the PlayStation 3, and while the PS4 remaster did add noticeable visual enhancements, a PS5 remake seems redundant. I'd much rather see a Days Gone sequel. Regardless of my opinion, work goes on at Naughty Dog. However, The Last of Us Remastered: The Remake, or whatever they decide to call it, is too early in development to have a release window yet.

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Maybe it‘s getting a woke-over ?
It does seem highly unlikely they'd bother with another release if they weren't going to go back and change things beyond simple texture/framerate update (sigh). Then again, I've lost track of how many versions of Skyrim we've seen, so mayyyyyybe it's not so bad. I hope it's just that at least.


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It does seem highly unlikely they'd bother with another release if they weren't going to go back and change things beyond simple texture/framerate update (sigh). Then again, I've lost track of how many versions of Skyrim we've seen, so mayyyyyybe it's not so bad. I hope it's just that at least.
Technically only two versions and a lot of ports


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"the concept seems entirely unnecessary"

Yeah, I beg to disagree. And so does Sony, thankfully. There just isn't enough TLOU, it's not possible.

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I agree a Days Gone sequel would be awesome, I can't wait for DG on PC as I was prepared to get a PS5 just to play GoW4 and DG. LoU remaster looks great on PS4 Pro and why bother wasting resources on a remake!


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LoU was a great game on the PS3. I don't see that a remake on PS5, even with all the possible visible enhancements is going to have the same impact. We already know the story and played it out which is what made it such a great game on a first playthrough. It was like a movie, a story that you got to play out and be part of, connecting with the characters. The first 3 Resident Evils were like that. What they need to do is to take the formula, create another story, and take advantage of a new generation of tech to present it. Like movie studios licensed books, Sony and Naughty Dog can do the the same. It's the story stupid. And we need a new one. Not a rehash.


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I loved the first game before the second game ruined it for me. If they can quickly release a superior PS5 visual (and maybe even release for PC also) version of it, I'm all for it. It's up to them, if they can make money or not.
If it has all the same characters it would be cool but I wont buy a ps5 just for that unless they make a killzone for it and also I would love to see a dg2


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Remakes of remakes, sequels and metacritic scores... hmm.

Will Sony be able to maintain that original and creative edge they built up over PS3 & 4 into the next gen?



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The sad state of gaming.

Today's world is filled to the brim with remakes, rehashes, repaints, and re- re- everything and sequels and sequels of sequels. At least Final Fantasy (...what now 15? 16? 17?) has a different story line... but you get the drift.

Gone are the design ingenuity. Gone are the innovations. There's nothing new. Except the same game with different graphics on another platform.

For one, the players are themselves to be blamed. Instead of requesting completely new game or even completely new storyline or designs, these players simple splash their money again on the same thing again and again. Just play the original game in the original machine. If you like the game so much, keep the machine and the game. Why buy new machine and buy the game again and again for every platform.

And secondly, recognizing these suckers, the corporate bast@rds whip their dev teams to make more of the same again and again because these sucker gamers are ready to buy the same game for their next-gen platform. Again.


Only the gamers can make a change. Less sales will give a wake up call to these corporates. Money is their drive.


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Sequel galore. Is easier to sell a named franchise than create something new.

Three of my favorite game of the last couple years were Ghost of Tsushima, Sekiro and Jedi Fallen Order, the underlying IP or theme may not be new, but the game is. Some of the bigger disappointment lately were Call of Duty and AC Valhalla, Hitman 3 mainly for bringing nothing new. Now they want a remake of a PS3 game; I would be annoyed enough for a TLOU3. I don't mind as much in reviving long lost series, but I am just getting sick of sequels.

The industry is fast tracking itself into modern day Hollywood, where creativity is exclusive domain of indie developers. And people are diving head first into it, none more so than the naivety of people being happy that Microsoft buying studios for Game Pass, or whatever pass EA and Activision/Ubisoft has, and what Sony will eventually release. Epic...., there are issues with their approach but the end of result of breaking the monopoly/preventing duopoly might eventually be worth it.

Companies want to make money, they want consistent money. Once they lock you in, is less likely for you to get out and eventually. This is why I am absolutely against the success of subscription based service for gaming, as much as it is a good deal, because eventually the lack of a drive to earn more of your money will mean the studios just need to do enough to keep you from leaving, or to be exact, do enough for the subscription provider to continue to employ the developer. It will also encourage higher micro transactions to earn the side buck. This crap with TLOU is exactly the crap that will eventually happen, but for every title.

Stale and soulless repetitive products. I am so excited for Halo 23 and TLOU 27 in year 2050. Actually if both franchises are still around, it probably ain't bad. Would be worse if all we got was Halo 23.
I hope this is a "new" storyline for the game. Although this would technically be a sequel. I will not be buying ANOTHER copy of the same game. amghwk is correct in his post that we, the gaming community, have rewarded the publishers of games far too often by purchasing the EXACT same game with another number/name following. I personally LOVED both the LoU games and would immediately buy a game that ADDED to the storylines. Whether it be a sequel, prequel, or a spinoff with entirely new characters from the LoU universe. Now one of those would be worth pursuing.