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Aug 24, 2010
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  1. Hi;
    Can anyone recommend a good keyboard (either wireless or wired) for a writer / coder.
    I need an "ergo" keyboard, such as the MS Natural, but the MS Natural Elite that I am currently using has issues with sticky keys.
    I don't want to spend more than $50.


  2. Arris

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  3. fw2004

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    I was considering the Logitech K350 wireless from Amazon for $54 (free shipping), but then I went to a local retailer and checked out another similar (Logitech) board which cost a lot more, and was not impressed with the feel of the keys. It also seemed to have some "stickiness" to the shift and spacebar.
    Probably better than the MS Natural Elite I am using now, but still not exactly the feel I was looking for.

    This MS Natural Elite would be great, if it weren't for the sticky keys. It has a good tactile feel, which is as close to the old MS Natural I have had. Better design would have made this a nice keyboard.

    Edit: My sister just told me, and I confirmed that her MS Natural 4000 stopped working. A bunch of the keys simply went dead. This keyboard is less than 1yr old.
    Just one more reason I'll never buy another MS keyboard!

  4. nismo91

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    I am using MS Desktop 4000 and loving it! :haha: Although I must admit it really sucks for gaming.
  5. fw2004

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    That's the one my sister was using until this morning when a number of the keys stopped working. It seemed like a decent kybd, but now having such poor experience with MS, I won't be looking at any more.

    For gaming, I think it was the Logitech G15 and G19 that got good reviews.
    The only "game" I play is Auran Trainz railroad simulator 2010, which does not demand much from the keyboard, so for me, gaming is secondary.

    I would love one of those SafeType vertical keyboard, but with the crazy arrangement of the number and symbol keys, I would need a secondary keypad for those keys for coding. The price on that one is $299 (without the numeric pad).


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