NEED A GOOD MOBO advice plz!

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Jun 24, 2005
  1. I need a goood high preformance motherboard and a good cpu to go along. I was thinking ASUS and i am open to any cpu suggestions as well.

    Thanks for the help
  2. JimShady23

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    Well first off lets see what you have to spend and go from there.

    But I can tell you right offhand that you are asking for trouble and a comparison war over AMD and Intel CPU's from the members..... "go with intel amd sucks" "AMD games better" " Intel is better than AMD for video editing"

    So basically help me fill in a few of the blanks.

    1.) Whats your budget ?
    2.) What are you going to be using it for ? Gaming, Video Editing ?
    3.) Do you need help determining other quality componants to slap into her ?
    Hard drives, memory, video card ect.
  3. Hunger_force

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    here is what i am looking for

    I am willing to spend any where from 100 to 300 hundred. Im going to be doing allot of gaming and a tad bit of video editing. I could also use some advice on a video card and proccesor. Everyone tells me that AMD is the way to go but i have never used one; im really on the fence when it comes to a cpu. THANKS A BUNCH!! :)
  4. JimShady23

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    Well if gaming is the main deal go with AMD all the way, they can definatly take a majority of video editing also.

    Here is a suggestion on a good mobo if you prefer Asus

    Basically everyone has their favorite in a motherboard manufacturer, but truth is everyone of the better companies now a days makes a decent board. Asus, Abit, MSI ect.... Just basically check and see if the features are right for you.
    But the board that I posted basically has it all and from reviews read is a great performer.

    has all the features you could ask for.......

    Now on the CPU choice: Its hard to put a CPU up on the table again without knowing your budget. But I will list a few and let you decide in the end.

    Athlon 64 3800+ is a dencent CPU and will take just about what ever you can give it. Great gaming CPU but might struggle a little in the video editing department if you give it any kind of demanding challange. But overall is a great CPU. Cost is about $373 OEM

    Athlon 64 4000+ would be the best all around CPU for the money. Will give better frame rates than the 3800+ but will kick some real **** at demanding video editing due to its full 1MB L2 cache where the 3800+ has only a 512k cache. Is at the same level of the FX-53 CPU wich retails for 100's more.....
    Cost is about $445 OEM and if I had the extra cash to spare this would be the CPU of choice.

    Athlon 3500+ is about as low as you would want to go in a high end system.
    Although it packs a mean punch for gaming and is just a few frame rates shy of the 3800+ it would lack as the 3800+ for video editing. But dont get me wrong this is still a hell of a CPU for the money. And would still get most people that dabble in video editing but live to game, by. Retails for about $272 OEM

    Truth is you can spend a lot more money on the Athlon FX series and new Dual core Athlon 64's but can you see spending 7,8, $900-$1200 on a cpu that in a year or 2 is gonna be worth $150-200 ? When you can basically do just as good with a CPU that costs less than 1/2 the price.

    Video Id say go with a nvidia 6800 GT or ati X800 wich price is going to fall dramatically with the release of the nvidia 7800 GTX.

    however these are all just suggestions and in all you should do some review comparison on the componants and decide what will fit your needs the best.

    Any other questions... this board is open for your service.
  5. Hunger_force

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    thanks allot for the advice u really helped me out! :)
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