Need a Pro - BSOD please :'(

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Jan 8, 2007
  1. I have a bunch of memory dumps and would really appreciate if someone could run through with me all the steps to get rid of them. It could be soo many things and I'm just not sure what to do next.

    any help would be hot
  2. Ididmyc600

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    Hi Exile

    Ok starting at the top,

    first file crashes at senfilt.sys :This file is part of the SoundMax drivers and probably other audio cards too.

    Seconds crashes at Win32k.sys this usually relates to memory and happened during World of warcraft, the advice is to run a memory scanner such as memtest86, let it make at least 8 passes, if you have more than one stick of memory, test each one individually.

    Third crashes on nv4_disp.dll this is an Nvidia display driver dll and may be caused by an out of date driver, or could be linked to number 2 as again it happened during WoW.

    Fourth points to NT :again a memory issue.

    Fifth crashes at dxg.sys again a memory issue

    sixth same again memory

    seventh crashes on nv4_disp.dll this is an Nvidia display driver dll and may be caused by an out of date driver, or could be linked to number 2 as again it happened during WoW.

    Eight crashes at dxg.sys again a memory issue

    Ninth see second

    tenth and eleventh and twelfth see eight

    thirteenth see seven

    last and not least (boy that was some work) fourteen again points to memory.

    So all in all I would say the memory was at fault as well as some old drivers, I think its time you should consider getting on line and checking all the drivers on the system are up to date, including DirectX, also my advice is to open the case up and clean out all the dust bunnies as well as making sure there is sufficient ventilation through the case, also ensure everything is fixed down and seated correctly.

    Thats it, time for some dinner...

  3. raybay

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    You probably have bad memory. Download and run the free Memtest86 and let it run for four hours. It is available at,,, and many other download sites.
    You will either learn you have one or more bad memory modules, or you will find them good and rule them out so you can look at other possibilities. It can be a number of other hardware issues, but memory is the most likely.
  4. exiledgolem

    exiledgolem TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok my motherboard A31G from PCCHIPS (motherboard processor combo)
    it's a AMD anthlon 2800 series 1.6 ghz
    I recently bought it because my pentium 4 mobo (or processor)
    went bad, I'm not exactly sure how, I thought it was my graphics
    card but my computer wasn't posting so I just decided to
    redo it
    I was having BSODS before and after I got the new mobo, everything in my computer is pretty much new, the power supply, new 7600gs GEforce, 160 gig Western Digital 7200rpm, new kingston pc3200 1g ddr ram, 400 I think

    I fixed my problems before because my ram had instability problems with the mobo so I flashed thebios and everything is fine. As for drivers, I have all the lastest drivers, direct x, etc. I did scandisks on my harddrive and it said a couple sectors were corrupted (I"m assuming from all the BSODS) which really isn't helping my problem in WoW.I recently bought a usb hub, and a new wireless and optical mouse. I was wondering if my PSU could handle it all since I don't know how much watts or how good the PSU is. Also, I noticed my graphics card goes up to about 65 degree celcius and a little hotter on a full load. Is that bad?

    Maybe the same thing that fried my mobo fried my memory?
    who knows?
    I'll do the mem test and check back
    one thing though
    I've heard in the bios, there is such things as memory timings or something
    and that if you don't change it for certain memory you could be having problems? how would I go about doing that

    sorry for the randomness of order, there is a lot more stuff that I've done and had to say but this is all for now =P

    edit: I changed some settings in the bios and don't seem to be having problems at the moment. I usually got BSODS within an hour, and game crashes in WoW right away but everything seems to be fine, maybe it's the new patch on WoW. ? lol

    as for my room, it's REALLLY dusty, and I leave the case open sometimes because I have a full desk and the computer sits in between two walls, maybe that is overheating the case because it's partially metal? I bought one extra 80 mm fan and put it on the bottom on my case I wanted to like put it next to my graphics card but I"m not sure how to..
  5. Ididmyc600

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    Glad to hear things are getting better, to mount a fan on the graphics card, you can buy a small fan that can be superglued to the heatsink, or buy a PCI mounted fan and have it sit beneath the graphics card.

  6. exiledgolem

    exiledgolem TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you soo much! I fixed my problem after 4 months of *DO THIS DO THAT*, and it was my memory bios settings after all. I know it's fixed, bout 4 hours of no bsods, YAY ;')

    Thanks for the help.
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