need DVI a vid card, have crappy mobo, help!

By Shwanzee ยท 4 replies
Jun 27, 2007
  1. Noob here, having trouble. Here's my situation:

    current mobo with integrated S3 ProSavage DDR cannot handle DVI-D and can't handle 1440x900 resolution for my new LCD monitor.

    I don't do any gaming, mostly movies, music, office programs for work, etc.

    After doing many, many, many different strings of google searching for my mobo and vid cards, i haven't been able to find a video card that can meet all of the limitations of my system. I have stumbled across many issues due to the limitations of my mobo & power supply.

    Compaq 6430NX
    AMD 2600+ 2.13 ghz
    512mb pc2100
    FIC AM37 mobo
    200w power supply (ouch)
    PCI & AGP (4x 1.5v) slots available
    XP Service Pack 2

    Viewsonic VX1935wm 19" lcd monitor w/ DVI-d inputs
    recommended resolution 1440x900

    Here is what I need from a vid card, but can't find:

    • AGP 4x/8x or PCI slot
    • DVI-D output
    • NON-ati chipset (infamous conflicts with my mobo)
    • no need for a new power supply (current 200w)
    • 1440x900 resolution

    I can find cards that have 3-4 of the things, but can't seem to find the "perfect card" that gives meets all of the criteria.

    Any recs? Thanks in advance!
  2. zipperman

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    Try ATI AGP cards

    I have a 9600 XT with a DVI-D connection.
    These aren't expensive cards.
    Don't forget you also need a DVI-D cable and an LCD monitor WITH A DVI-D option.
    Cable Might be sold seperatly.
    You mobo should not be a factor if it has an AGP slot for a video card.
    Whats crappy about it ? :D
  3. SNGX1275

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  4. Shwanzee

    Shwanzee TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I had stumbled across the MSI FX 5200 numerous times since yesterday, and almost bought it through newegg on two occasions (last night, then this morning before i posted). doesn't come pre-loaded with the resolution i was looking for, however through some further sleuthing i've found that you can change settings to make it available.

    Just ordered it through newegg, thanks for the help!

    Zipperman, The reason i said the mobo was crappy was that i've come across many many people who haven't been able to get ATI chipset cards to work on it. and don't even get me started on the fact that once i install the video card, i need to disable the integraded video through the BIOS, I can't just use device manager, once again due to the mobo.

    thats the price i pay now, for paying a cheap price earlier when i bought the machine i guess. =o)
  5. nickc

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