Need help buying HDTV for Xbox 360

By British_Command · 12 replies
Nov 18, 2006
  1. Right my budget is between £450 - £625, i want a 32'' HDTV preferablly a well-known make and a decent make. The response time must be 8ms or lower and if possible 1080i.

    I have seen this SHARP model with 6ms / 4 ms! and 1080i but i have heard they arent a decent make? Please verify if this is a decent model?

    Also if you find better ones please tell me, looking to order by next weekend!
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    I'm using a 40" V Series Sony Bravia myself. Have you tried checking Unbeatable, Dabs or Play for alternate pricing?

    I'm afraid I've not seen the Sharp so I can't comment on quality. As regards resolution though it's worth bearing in mind that LCDs in that price range will tend to be around 1366x768. 1080i = 1920x1080, 720p = 1280x720.

    You might find this of some interest @ Wikipedia;

    "The main tradeoff between the two is that 1080i may show more detail than 720p for a stationary shot of a subject at the expense of a lower effective refresh rate and the introduction of interlace artifacts during motion. 720p is used by ABC and ESPN because the smoother image is desirable for fast-action sports telecasts. Fox Broadcasting Company uses the tagline "the nation's finest high-definition standard" in advertising its 720p programming.

    The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) recommends to its members to use 720p50 for emission with the possibility of 1080i50 on a programme-by-programme choice and 1080p50 as a future option[1][2]. The BBC is one of the EBU members transmitting in HDTV. It has not yet made a final decision on picture scanning format. SVT in Sweden broadcasts in 720p/50. All commercial European HDTV services so far use 1080i50

    Either way the image will need to be scaled to fit these LCDs.
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    Right, i have fund a decent HDTV which im looking forward to buying its a 32'' Samsung LE32R71WX WHITE Television, now im not sure if its wall mountable but its essential that it is wall mountable and i cannot seem to find any website that actually says its wall mountable, know most flat screens are but i just want to be sure and please find out for me!

    Tom Wells-day
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    redwinger, I am sorry to inform you that the people posting in these topics are probably on with their life. Did you notice the date?

    Just letting you know.
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    oh, sorry. oops!!
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    What about a 1080p TV (1080p is better than 1080i). I think Samsung, Panasonic and Sony are the well known decent companies you may want your TV to be. I'm not saying the other makes are not good its just taht im familier with those companies and they make some good stuff like TV's. Ie Sony KDL52X3500U (18000:1 contrast ratio), Samsung LE46N87BDX (10000:1 contrast ratio) and Panasonic PPDTH58PZ700B (10000:1 contrast ratio) which all are 1080p TV's but are way too expensive.
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    Hamas, wtf was the point of that post?

    Just curious.
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  11. hamas123

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    Not a bad deal actually.

    The point was so that british_command knows that there are TV's that are 1080p so he may like to buy one thats cheaper than the ones i mentioned, they were just examples. And TV's with contrast ratio's of 10000:1 ratio. Guess what there's a Sony OLED TV with 1000000:1 contrast ratio.
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    Yep that new Sony OLED is hot. I'd really like to see one up close though to get an impact on how great it looks. Soon all of us will be rocking those bad *** monitors.
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    The reason I asked that is because like I said before, it was 2 years old.
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