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By princeton
Aug 24, 2010
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  1. So I'm planning on buying a new headset for gaming. Just rare mic usage and it will be used with my ipod so USB headsets are out. My price range is around 50-60 dollars. I simply can't decide on which to buy. I've looked at a few but none of them seem to have reviews by the same site so I can compare apples to apples. Here are a few I've looked at. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I honestly couldn't care less as long as they're over the ear I'm fine.

    Plantronics GameCom 367

    Steelseries 4H

    Creative FATAL1TY Pro MKII
  2. Relic

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    I have the Creative FATAL1TY Pro MKII headset and I really like it. I got it during a sale so I didn't have to pay full price for the FATAL1TY name. This is my pros vs cons on them:


    - Headset covers my ears entirely and are pretty comfortable.
    - The ear pads provide a good level of noise isolation.
    - Sound & mic quality is pretty good for the price range, good bass as well.
    - I don't know how I lived without a detachable mic before this headset.


    - The top band on the headset is tight and hurts after prolong use at least for me. I have a strange head I guess as most headsets after long use will hurt the top of my head and give me a headache even top of the line ones. To help with this I just make the headset larger then my head even if they are a bit loose =X.
    - They feel a bit fragile but I've dropped them on several occasions by accident and they held up just fine.

    Overall the MKII has been one of the better gaming headsets I've used and I'm happy with them. I can't comment on the other ones but out of those three choices I like the MKII the most. If you want to check out some customer reviews to compare try Newegg, while they do have a lot of nonsense on there overall I find when it comes to situations like this that they are decent. Since you said you plan on using whatever headset you get with your ipod too I decided to give it a try on my Zune. They work decently but definitely nothing out of the ordinary, then again I use a Bose headset for my mp3 player which are pretty amazing when compared to anything else. They also aren't huge and give me plenty of mobility :D . Hope this helps, good luck on making a decision.
  3. princeton

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    Ok. I was leaning away from it because of this review review

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