Need Help Determining How Best to Get Cool

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Nov 5, 2005
  1. I have a Soyo K7-VTA Pro motherboard with a 1.0 ghz Athlon T-Bird. The case is a stock "barebones builder" Soyo branded mid-tower. My CPU heatsink/fan combo isn't anything spectacular, just a basic under $20 heatsink rated for up to 1.4 ghz. Yes, I do have thermal compound between the processor and heatsink (the basic white kind that comes with the heatsink). I also have a rear case exhaust fan in the bottom back of the case.

    My CPU runs around 115 degrees, and I just took the side cover off and it seems to have cooled down around 7 degrees just by doing that. However, I know that this AMD CPU isn't suppossed to get above 95 degrees. My system seems to hang and lock up, and also act odd... especially if it's been on and idle for a long period of time (more than an hour idle). I believe this may be due to higher temperatures.

    How best should I address this issue? I'm thinking of a better CPU heatsink/fan combo, or possibly an upgraded case that may help with airflow. But, I wanted to get some ideas from here before I just go buying a bunch of stuff.

    Suggestions, insight, and help welcome!
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    How Best to Get Cool

    I would say, just relax and stay positive. Don't try too hard. Just be yourself and have fun.
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    Well from my experience, no CPU should go over 60 Degrees, overclocked or not. What you might want to do is make sure that the CPU Fan is spinning, and give it a little clean to help spin faster to keep it cool. Your best bet would be to upgrade the CPU Fan/heatsink because no CPU should really get that high, im surprised its still going (Thats why I love AMD). Also a new case might help as well, but not much. Try cleaning up your wiring inside the case, make sure there isn't wires over the CPU Fan, might restrict fresh air from being sucked into the heat sink. Also what kind of socket is it? Is it 462 T-Bird? If it is, get the CNPS7000B-Cu LED. Now if your not too computer literate find a buddy that can help you out with this, or if you do know a good amount, just fallow the step by step instructions and you will be set.
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    Sorry... I think I confused some peolple with the temperature. My CPU gets up to 116 degrees fahrenheit, or in the 40-some degree range celsius.
  5. SheHateMe

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    Nah your more then fine
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