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Jan 11, 2006
  1. i have downloaded a game and it came in a bin file ext. and i have never downloaded one like this and i was wondering how i would get this to install??? or if it even capable of being installed.. yes it is the fulll version of the game.. just wondering why it came in binary format.. any help would be great

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    Daemon Tools

    I am not gonna say anymore as I don't want to violate the TOS of this board and I am not sure exactly of where the limit is between safe and violating the TOS.
  3. OpTiMuSpRiMe

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    it was not an illegal download i downloaded it from a friends solaris share that he has and he put in the format of .bin as the ext.. just need to know how i am going to use that?? he is not home and not answering his phone i think he went skating or snowboarding and is still gone

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    Alright the .bin file can be opened in a program called Daemon Tools. After you download it, tell Daemon Tools to emulate one drive and mount the image (.bin) in that drive.

    You could also try using Alcohol 120%.

    I don't know is this works or not, but for some strange reason I am currently thinking that WinRar can also open them, but that could very possibly be wrong.
  5. OpTiMuSpRiMe

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    i used winrar to rar them to a cd for storage and when i open them it brings up code and that is it... how is daemon tools going to read a .bin binary file and know what to do with it??? mostly iso,mds.mdf are what is used with daemon or am i wrong?? i have never encounetered this before... i will try the daemon tools thing and see if that works also will try the alcohol 120% out and see if that works... thanks for the tips mate..
  6. OpTiMuSpRiMe

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    the alcohol and the daemon toole did not work ( unrecognizable file format ) so that didn't work out.. any more tips please let me know thanks mates
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    This is starting to sound like it may be for a linux or unix OS. If that's the case and you're on a linux or unix machine then you'll need to use the command
    .sh bin-name
    If you're on a windows machine... good luck with this one. You'll probably need the source and recompile. Don't ask me how to do that part :)
    Since you're using winrar and daemon tools/alcohol 120% you must be on a windows machine. I'd wait till you get a hold of your buddy.

    BTW - bin files are usually associated with .cue files on the windows side. Not sure but I think CDR-Win started using that format first and support picked up for it in many other burning applications.
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