Need help understanding BIOS parameter interactions

By Karl.Uppiano
Feb 26, 2006
  1. My son and I are working on a high (for us) performance computer that he can use for a gaming machine. I have entered the relevant system specifications in my user profile.

    We have it running at its rated speed, but we are interested in overclocking the system eventually. We had some trouble just getting the machine to run at its rated speed, just because the BIOS documentation was very unclear about what the various parameters do, exactly, and how the parameters interact.

    For example, the CPU clock needs to run at 166MHz to clock the CPU at 1.8GHz, but when we changed it to 166MHz (from the fail-safe default 100MHz) the system became very unstable. We discovered by accident that we needed to set the memory clock to the same speed, instead of "Auto by SPD". You would think that the automatic setting would be the one you want, but no. Anyway there are lots of these kinds of non-intuitive issues, especially when we want to move towards overclocking, and away from the standard specs. The on-screen descriptions and the manuals are very vague about the effect of changing a parameter might have, so a lot of our time is spent just fiddling instead of taking a scientific approach. There also seems to be very little searchable information on the web. Does anyone know where to find this kind of information?

    As an electronics engineer, I am used to consulting spec sheets to get timing and configuration information, but nothing like this seems to be available for the BIOS.
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    That is very good information. I wonder why I didn't find it in all of my Googling?
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