Need help with Oblivion.

By Dennis_84 ยท 7 replies
Apr 26, 2006
  1. I just bought the Oblivion game. This is the first RPG game I have ever bought. I just want to know that what character to choose? Which one is best one?
    And If I can get some basic information about the game, like what to do, is magic unlimited because it recharges automatically? I would appriciate it.
    Thank you so much for your help. I am asking all this becaue this is the first rpg game I am playing. Thanks again
  2. Sharkfood

    Sharkfood TS Guru Posts: 1,019

    Hi Dennis-
    The main concept of RPG's is that you are building/growing a fantasy character inside a fantasy world.

    Most RPG's have some form of recognition of this growth, most commonly "levels"- so as you play and do more in the game, you're character grows from one level to the next. Example: a level 5 character will almost always be much weaker than a level 10 character.

    In Oblivion, character levels are based on skills exercised. What character class you choose simply decides which skills will count towards progression in leveling... so you'll want to choose a character type that will best match the way you will be playing.

    As a starter in RPG's, you might find it easiest to pick a warrior-style class. Warriors choose heavy armor skills, blade skills, athletics and shield-blocking skills in order to progress levels. The more you work these, the more counts towards growing to your next character level.

    So in essence, your character class is just the careful selection of dozens of skills what several actually "count" towards progression. If you have blade and armor and block skills as your class choices, if you exercise and progress sneak, archery, picking locks and such- you wont level at all no matter how good you become at these.

    Warriors are easiest to get your feet-wet, so to speak. Since with a warrior, you just slash and absorb damage with your armor and shield. If you picked, say a wizard, you'll have to run around and avoid being hit and switch while casting spells from a distance.. as well as learn spells to help with getting hit/reflecting damage. Rangers with bow-and-arrows are the same deal, where you'll have to get very good at the game to run around and avoid being hit directly.

    You can make as many characters as you like and there is no real limit I know of. I have like 4-5 characters, so just be sure to save them under different save-slots. You might want to try a warrior to start as battle/combat and skilling-up a warrior is likely the easiest for someone new to RPG's. Combat just involves pulling out your sword and beating up while being beat up.. pretty simple. Later as you get more comfortable, perhaps a rogue, thief, assasin, ranger, wizard or other class might be fun for you. You can also make your own custom classes that are any combination of the above.

    Lastly, restoring health or magic spent just requires time. As it's a one-player game, you can just select to advance time (T key to "wait") and get it all back in a hurry if you are somewhere safe. In other RPG's, you have to just sit there and wait.. and wait.. and wait.. or find potions to replenish these. Oblivion has potions and spells too for restoring things, but these are usually only for curing disease/poison or if you need it badly in the middle of a fight where you cant exactly just go take a nap/rest. hehe.
  3. Dennis_84

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    Thanks for help.

    One more thing. can someone please let me know if all the magic are unlimited to use or not? Like, fire, frost, shock. Do I have to find something to keep using them? because there are number to the right side of them and I don't know what are they for.

    Thanks for help. I appriciate it.
  4. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Magic consumes magicka, the blue bar on the lower left corner. It regenerates over time. If you're using certain magical weapons, their charge won't regenerate.

    The numbers and such are explained in the manual ;)
  5. Bruff

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    As a veteran of EQ (Everquest) I can offer you a bit of advice as far as RPGs go. I would strongly suggest using google or another search engine and type in Oblivion. As Sharkfood mentioned when I started I created a warrior to get started and get used to the world, controls navigating etc etc. Then I started looking up sites and found a TON of info when I wound up creating what has turned out to be my main. In most RPG people have a number of characters that they play to see if they like but usually one turns out to be their main. I'm sure Oblivion is like EQ in that there are sites that answer almost every possible question you can think of, from quests to classes to spells to controls. Lots of them contain detailed quest walkthroughs as well so if you like to discover these on your own you can ignore them. In the case of EQ there are actually complete sites devoted to each individual class. On those type of sites I'd bet you can find any answer to any question you can think of.
  6. tom.l

    tom.l TS Rookie


    I Realy Need Your Help! In Oblivion I Was Sleeping And A Vampire Bit Me And Now Im A Vampire! It's Realy Anoying Because I Can't Go In The Sun Otherwise My Health Will Go Down!
    I Spoke To A Lady About The Cure And She Told Me To Go To A City. So I Went There And I Went Into The Place But I Couldn't Find The Person!!! There Were Doors Which Needed A Key To Open It And I Think Thats Were He Is! But I Can't Find The Key!!!!!!!!!
    Plz Plz Plz Plz Tell Me Were The Key Is Or How Do I Get A Cure For It!!
    Plz Plz Help Me
    Thankyou For Reading My Problem
    I Hope U Can Help!!!!
    Thankyou Again
  7. boykov

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    You should Feed..

    Feeding on an awake, stunned, paralyzed or dead person is not possible. To feed, simply "activate" the person. Doing so while not sneaking will give a choice between Feeding and Talking, doing so while sneaking gives a choice between Feeding and Pickpocketing. It is advised to sneak while attempting to feed, as it is illegal. If someone else witnesses a feeding, it will be reported as a crime with a bounty of 40 gold (it is treated as an assault charge)

    Sun Damage is the greatest liability of being a vampire. Unless you have fed within the last 24 hours, you will continually take damage whenever you are outside during the day (6:00 am to 8:00 pm).

  8. Are the capital letters needed for every word?
    For that quest, just go somewhere dark and wait a few hours and the person will be somewhere else, hopefully outside the room that is locked.
    Or you could get some lockpicks and pick the doors.

    Or if you are really desperate, stand near the door you want to unlock, enter the console (by pressing ~), click on the door and then type 'unlock' it will obviously unlock the door. I don't recommend this though, as it is a cheat and takes away the fun from the game and you might get hooked on your new friend the console :D
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