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Dec 21, 2004
  1. Hi to anyone who reads this! and here's wishing you a happy christmas, and a merry new year!!! i am needing help with partition magic, it keeps on coming up with an error saying "init failed: error 100 partitin table is bad" is there anyone who can help me with this problem, any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. Vigilante

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    Partition Magic is really good, I trust it. So if it says your partition table is bad, I would be inclined to believe it. However, I believe, in the menus somewhere, it has a checker that might be able to fix it.

    If, in fact, your partition table is bad, beware! Cause your hard might be bad, or you might not be able to boot into Windows soon!

    The other variable is, do you have any "Go-Back" software? Like "Norton Go-Back", which used to be "Roxio Go-Back", which can also be "Gateway Go-Back", and was originally from, I think, Ontrack. That type of software changes your boot sectors and partition tables. Then this error would be normal. You can disable that and see what Partition Magic says.
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    Partition Magic Error 100

    I was having the same problem. After installation, I'd try to run program and get the Init Failed: Error 100 message. Since everything else was working fine, I was reluctant to delete partition table, as suggested by Symantec.

    The solution, and it may not be true of your system, has to do with RAID controller. When I built my system, I installed the RAID controller card just so it wouldn't get lost. Apparently, when PM was starting up, it recognized the RAID card but was unable to find a partition table for it, since I only have one drive in my system. I wnet into Device Manager and disabled the RAID controller, and PM ran flawlessly!

    Hope this helps.
  4. Samstoned

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    I tried a couple of times setting up
    partition from unused part of drive
    I don't like partition magic (to each there own)
    I use partition manager pro V6 (Paragon)
  5. jcn50

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    Thank you for this man! I was about to trash my HD!! Hahaha...:haha:
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