Need pcAnywhere Education

By Razorknife
Feb 5, 2005
  1. :confused: I'm trying to set up pcAnywhere to help out a friend. My friend is on cable as am I. However, I also have a linksys wireless network. I understand that makes a difference in my IP and that I need to Port Forward to the computer in my network I want to use for this connection. I'm having a problem understanding port assignments. I understand that these ports are logical, or software ports only, not actual hardware ports. pcAnywhere says to use 5631 & 5632 as your ports, but I've read that by using these exact ports, because they're so well known, your be open to attacks and you should change them, which I've done. My question is, can you name these ports anything you want, I mean for example could I use 7885 & 7886, or 3444 & 3444? Help appreciated!
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