Need recommendation on bulk black printer ink

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Dec 26, 2011
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  1. A couple years ago I bought a whole pint of black ink from someone on ebay that also had his own website. Forget the exact cost, but the same or maybe less than one cartridge.

    The ink worked great, never had any printer problems.

    I usually keep track of things that work out, by saving or bookmarking the website, but I apparently failed to do that for the ink.

    I looked on ebay and didn't recognize any of the supplier's names.

    Did a search and of course came up with all kinds of reviews on refilled cartridges but not much on bulk ink.

    I'm not looking for anything top shelf or really long lasting, just for mundane everyday printing that usually isn't kept very long.

    Don't necessarily need a pint, could use a smaller amount. Wife has a similar HP printer (mine is a 6500A) but I don't print for work like I was doing back then.

    Anyone have any recommendations?

  2. Tedster

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    be careful on ink from ebay -ensure that it meets or exceeds manufacturer specs. A lot of ebay ink is cheap china crap and will jam print heads. The molecules are too large and/or gummy.

    I've bought a lot of ink over the years from ebay with a wide range of results. some I had to simply throw away after repeated printer head gumming.
  3. macx

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    Agreed, that's what I'd read in some recent research.

    And that's why I was hoping someone would pop up with that guy I
    bought from before. That vendor sold ink that worked very well
    for a long time in my HP.
  4. Tedster

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    Most of the ink I've bought usually had the vendor info right on the label. Some I've re-bought directly from the vendor.
  5. macx

    macx TS Evangelist Topic Starter Posts: 718

    Yes, but that's the problem. I can't find the bottle!

    I move around the country from one big power plant construction project to another,
    always a different state, different employer, different offices, different apartment.

    Somewhere along the line it got misplaced.

    I've got my wife looking for it at home in my stash of "stuff" I didn't take with to
    this job.

    I'll post where it came from if she finds it.

    That vendor, too, had is own website for ordering direct.
    It was good ink - did quite a number of refills ont he same
    cartridge with no clogging problems, course I printed quite
    a bit with it since I used it in my office at work.

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