Need User Account Help!

By macx
Apr 8, 2007
  1. Long story short, went thru the instructions on the Internet
    Security forum to clean my computer.

    Along the way, the instructions say to prepare for a certain
    scan by opening a User account that has a name as opposed
    to the generic Administrator account created when windows
    is first loaded.

    I had never created any account other than that initial
    Administrator account as it served my purposed and I'm
    the only one EVER using my computer. Also never gave
    it much thought or researched it, but off the top of my
    head was not familiar with creating multiple user accounts,
    so just never paid it any attention as it worked fine under
    that initial non-named Administrator account.

    Well, lo and behold, when I finished all the security
    downloads/installs and scans (several of the last of
    which are in Safe Mode) and rebooted to get back
    to my normal non-safe mode - it only gives me the
    choice of the new user account I created specifically
    to carefully follow the security scanning instructions.
    When I log in on that, all the many folders I had parked
    on the desktop, and even all my many precious bookmarks
    in Firefox are gone!

    I suspect it's cuz I am not logging into the initial
    Administrator account (not a named User account).

    BUT after a frantic search in Help and trying everything
    that shows itself in Control Panel, I can't find how to
    get back to that non-named Administrator account.

    There MUST be a way but it certainly isn't showing
    itself anywhere that I can find.

    PLEASE help me get my computer back!!

    Thanks so much
  2. Po`Girl

    Po`Girl TS Rookie Posts: 595

    Either logout of your new account and type "administrator" at the logon screen

    if available, or -

    1.Create another admin account.

    2.Login to that account.

    3.Delete the files in C:/Documents and Settings/"your spyware removal account"

    4.Copy the files from C:/Documents and Settings/Administrator to that same spyware account.

    5.Login to the spyware account.
  3. macx

    macx TS Evangelist Topic Starter Posts: 718

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

    I went into control panel / user accounts /
    change the way users log on & off, and
    deselected Use the Welcome Screen

    Then when the simple logon came up using the
    "new" user account name, I simply changed
    it to Administrator and Voila!

    But why couldn't Help or something EXPLAIN that?
    It's simple enuf, but typical Windoze has always got
    to make things into a mystery by assuming everybody
    is an IT engineer.

    After spending an honest 26+ hours of steady scanning
    and downloading new/additional security devices, and
    after having over the last numb er of years losing physically
    a couple hard drives, and having to reload everything
    (using Norton before I discovered TS) and even losing
    everything one of those times - not to mention all the
    hours scanning / learning / fighting all this crap and spending
    all the money involved - I'm soooo ready to go back to Mac.

    My wife and daughters have had Mac's for over 8 years,
    3 of them for much of that time, and have not had
    problem ONE with viruses, spyware, adware and all this other
    crap. And those operating systems are SO much simpler to
    learn and more intuitive to new users than Windows.

    Just imagine a computer you never have any problems with
    malware, never have to spend any money on security programs,
    or any time scanning / fighting / removing malware.

    I'm sooooo close (in spite of the new, good machine I built
    2 summers ago and is a nice and well equipped machine - other
    the fact is runs Windoze. Anybody in the market? ;-)

    Anyway, got THAT out of my system.

    Thanks so much, again!
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