Need Video Card for New monitor

By sub780lime
Jun 12, 2006
  1. I just bought two Dell 24inch monitors that support a resolution of 1920x1600.

    Now i have a Evga 6800gs OC that supports that fine. But one of the other monitors is for my father and i need to upgrade his video card for him. What are my cheapest options that will put out 1920x1600?

    What exactly does max resolution mean in terms of a Video Card?

    Ive learned to be cautious of such terms in dealing with projectors.

    I assume Max Resolution would be the max resolution the card will fill, but i look at an FX5550 which states it supports max resolution of 2048x1536@60Hz. It was my under standing that the FX550 and the 9250 only put out at 1600x1200. Am i wrong?
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