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Aug 28, 2010
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  1. I've downloaded a 266mb version of SP2 from which doesn't work - had to system restore the comp twice to get rid of it. I've downloaded SP2 before and it worked but can't remember which one it was or how big it was. I'll need a a link for SP2 which actually works. Or should I go SP3, whats the difference? Running XP btw. Thanks all!
  2. ravisunny2

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  3. JMMD

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    You should be using Service Pack 3 and all the updates post service pack 3. Also make sure Office (if you have it) is fully patches, all adobe products and java.
  4. steven0

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    Have you tried going to Windows Update? You have a built-in link in MS Internet Explorer under Tools. I recommend installing SP1 (or 1a) and SP3. Although MS recommends installing SP2 before SP3, evidently it isn't required.
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    Whats at windows update? I'll check it out if I really have to. Downloaded the SP2 directly from MS installed it and when it restarted, it froze at the load screen again - now in safe mode atm. Would you recommend that I download anything else? any links to SP1a downloadl? anything from softwarepatch etc etc...

    Holy cr*p this computer is a nightmare. stupid 1.75ghz **** box, apparently it uses IDE thats how cr*p it is.
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    You really should use Windows Update. Windows Update is a Microsoft site that will analyze your system to determine what critical security and other optional updates it needs. I would install ALL critical updates, however, there will be a lot of them and downloading them will take time. Also, if you have not visited Windows Update before, you will have to allow it to install updated software to use the Windows Update site.

    Service Pack 1 should be one of the critical updates offered. After installing Service Pack 1 and you return to Windows Update, your PC will be re-analyzed and new updates will be offered such as Service Pack 2. Repeat this process until there are none left. When installing various updates, I recommend doing a few at a time such as 10 to 15 or so. Sometimes when I've tried to do them all at once, I've run into problems with them installing properly so if I do them a handful at a time it's more successful.
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    Just to add another opinion... Malipup is absolutely correct. Never use 3rd party download sites for windows updates.

    Just out of curiosity, what does the use of IDE have to do with your situation? Using IDE connections should have no effect on receiving the updates in reference to speed or anything else for that matter.
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    xpsp1a_en_x86.exe is the 'network' install of SP1 for XP, it is 128,097KB
    WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe is the 'network' install of SP2 for XP, it is 272,391KB
    WindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-ENU.exe is the 'network' install of SP3 for XP, it is 324,030KB

    These are the files I have, not sure why the file name on SP1 is so different, but those are what I have downloaded in the past. I always got the standalone installs because I often had several computers running XP and didn't want to download, individually through Windows Update.

    I keep nearly every installer for every program I've ever used, since about 1998. I have a big collection :)
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    Windows Update is the same as the one in Automatic updates? I have enabled it, so when does the service packs get installed and other updates start rolling in? Do I actually need the service packs or just the .NET structure thing to install messenger? I'm only doing this for msn to work.

    and mailpup asked on another thread whether my hard drive was IDE or SATA when I was trying to format the PC. It could affect the problem. Fair few guys on this & the other forums are saying that my hard drive/ware is stuffing up. But previously the everything worked fine until I pulled out the cord a few times.

    Edit: Windows update is the one you find in Control Panel > System > Automatic updates?

    Edit: I think it attempted to install some kind of serivce pack,
    "The Windows Service Pack installation did not complete. The system is in an unstable state. Go to control panel, add or remove programs and chooose to uninstall the Windows service pack."

    Update: Uninstalled it because it was retarded, then it shut down 1 minute after boot up , so system restored it. Some thing is really stuffed up
  11. ruready2

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  12. steven0

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    yeh, did read that. got all the specs alright. none of the errors seem to correspond with mine. a few of the windows updates updates can't even install itself...
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    I hear you there SNG :) ........... unfortunately I am running out of space on my backup HDD just because of this habit, and I'm doing this since 1990-91, so you can imagine the scale of my problem despite the fact that I've gotten rid of very old stuff I no longer need/or use.

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