Needs Advice: Tablet vs. regular laptop

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I'm going to college in the fall and im having some debate between laptops.
First Issue is:
Laptop PC versus Tablet PC:
-I like the fact that you can write onthe screen (beats using paper notebooks and have my notes saved automatically)
-I like that it can be used to view movies more easily.
-But mostly because of the fact that i'll be taking serious notes and I need the simplicity of having a tablet feature.

I was eyeing HP's Pavilion TX1000
Around $1200

I need good advice on tablets. I've read lots of reviews and its a break down the middle.

Second Issue: I found an unbeatable deal on tigerdirect on a laptop :
around $800 with extended warranty.

This is an amazing laptop. a friend of mine who's going to college also just got his for graduation and it's stunning. 2GB of ram w/ 160 GB HDD and it comes with XP media center (not vista, hooray)

For that price it's awesome I'm definately eying it. I need some more input on tablets vs. this.

Tech experts help me out! i'm torn!
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