Neowin: Windows Phone: The ‘app-gap' isn't closed yet, Joe


TS Rookie
At the beginning of this year, we had an open discussion on Neowin with the readers, asking them which apps they most wanted to see come to Windows devices. At the time, Windows Phone had just over 150,000 apps, but...

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TS Evangelist
If Microsoft plays it's cards right, they can become a serious 3rd contender in the mobile space. I suppose it all really comes down to innovation --- what Windows Phone 8.1 brings, how they go about merging Windows RT into Windows Phone, if "Cortana" happens and how it takes on Siri and GoogleNow, if Microsoft opts to stop giving AT&T every carrier flagship device being that Nokia's (Devices) pockets will be Microsoft's pockets in 2014, so I don't see the continued need to take AT&T's upfront money anymore & lastly, if they give people reason's (through device integration) to pledge to the new Windows eco-system --- Windows 8, Windows Phone & XBox One.