Netflix shows you how to build your very own 'Netflix and chill' button

By midian182
Sep 29, 2015
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  1. It seems as if Netflix’s PR people have decided to cash in on the popular ‘Netflix and Chill’ hooking up reference by revealing what it calls ‘The Switch’ – a DIY, internet-connected button in a box that can provide the "ultimate Netflix experience."

    You can’t buy The Switch from stores; instead, Netflix has posted step-by-step instructions for building one. Once created, the battery or mains powered (depending on which components you use) device can, at the push of a button, turn on your TV, activate Netflix, dim smart lights, order food from a takeaway and silence an Android smartphone.

    Netflix has included a system diagram, a zip file (.zip) and a materials (.pdf) list with all the details of how to build the switch. For its prototype, the company used the Wi-Fi enabled Particle Core microcontroller, but anyone building the switch is free to choose their own components. Other materials Netflix suggests include a lithium-ion polymer battery and charger, red and white LEDs, an IR transmitter, a transistor and a resistor kit. Netflix even added a how-to guide for building a switch box to cover the circuitry.

    The design works with Philips Hue internet-connected lights and recommends that you have a smart TV with a Netflix button. Android users will also need to download an app to allow The Switch to silence smartphones. The application server part of the device is powered by a Raspberry Pi.

    "You should be comfortable with a soldering iron and have a solid understanding of electronics and programming before embarking on your journey to one-switch watching," says Netflix.

    Constructing the device probably wouldn’t be the easiest project for the less tech-savvy, but if you’ve got the skills and plenty of free time then you could become the proud owner of a ‘Netflix and chill’ switch.

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  2. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 TS Booster Posts: 191   +46

    Good show Netflix, good show. Love to see companies embrace pop culture/memes
  3. madboyv1

    madboyv1 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,471   +375

    Ha ha I like the idea, though not having netflix would make me repurpose it for other things if I were to build it. Having a button for a takeout delivery would be dangerous in my house though...

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