Netflix streaming coming to Sony Bravia TVs

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Jul 9, 2009
  1. Electronics giant Sony has announced that Netflix streaming will be coming its online-enabled Bravia televisions. The move marks the latest in a wave of agreements that open up Netflix\'s streaming video capabilities to a number of devices, including Blu-ray players and dedicated set-top boxes from TiVo, Roku, LG, Samsung and the Xbox 360 via the Xbox Live service.

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  2. Vrmithrax

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    Great news for Netflix fans... I've used it for years, but recently I've been going to the $1 RedBox rentals more and more, since the on-demand stuff available from Netflix never seems to be current stuff. If they hope to stem the growing tide of competition from guys like RedBox, they really need to work on timely releases... What good is 12,000 titles online if they're mostly stuff you saw years ago or really don't care to ever watch?
  3. polidiotic

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    Agreed with you there. I've been using Netflix for years, as well, and I've been watching On Demand stuff, but I can't tell you how disappointed I am with the movie releases. The television stuff is pretty ok (could be a lot better), but as far as movies go, the newest stuff that's coming out has already been out for a year... and longer. It's pretty annoying. You'd think that with all of the movies coming out via DVD that are accompanied by digital copies would be the first to make the transition to On Demand.
  4. tengeta

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    On-Demand was what got me into Netflix... its also what got me out.

    I've put my membership on temporary hold but I end up pushing the date back because they keep letting me. Not sure when I'll actually hand them money again either. It doesn't help when 99% of the movies are remakes.
  5. JudaZ

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    If only netflix could realise there is a whole world outside of the US that would love to have access to their services, everything would be great. Until I can use Netflix and Hulu, i will keep downloading the content elsewhere. about a Netflix europe? An Netflix asia, and africa? ... sure I can get around the IP blocking..but only wirth a great preformance loss.

    ...why is downloading illegal so hot in Europe?...simple .. there is no alternative..
  6. Or.. use your Xbox 360 and pay nothing cept Netflix subscription. Or Pay 40 bucks and get access with your Xbox 360 and PS3 to Hulu, Netflix, Youtube, The Food Network, HGTV, etc..etc...etc. for free (Netflix you have to have a subscription. )

    The Fuzz
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