Network Adapter Problem Windows XP

By homer
May 22, 2007
  1. Greetings..I have a pavilion (HP) zd7000 laptop that just was repaired as a result of power supply arcing and now the local network is not functional. The canned HP diagnostics show that the Realtek RTL8139/810X Family fast ethernet NIC has a disconnected cable. HP support said it was the driver and sent me a new driver to install. No help. The network connections page shows blank. Error message says it cannot locate any adapters. The Broadcom adapter (wireless) works good with the internet as does the ethernet connection.Just have no local network capability. Anyone got any suggestions....BTW I had to hook up the antennas for the wireless adapter after it came back from the shop...cause I had no wireless internet.
    Have a good day and thanks in advance for the help.
  2. tipstir

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    Does the wireless connect to the local LAN or both the wired and wireless doesn't see the local? Does the Wireless Router see the laptop? You should start there, since you can get on the network.

    click start, click run type: cmd, then do netstat -arp and see if the default gateway shows-up, then do a ipconfig /all

    Make sure anything is connecting to the the DHCP, if not then there is a problem on the router end. Also I would also remove the drivers for both wired and wireless and then reboot the PC. Then when you login to Windows it will detect both Ethernet Controller and install the drivers you need.
  3. homer

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    Thanks for the info tipstir. In answer to your question, the wired and wireless could connect to the internet through the router, but could not see the local. I did as you suggested, and ran netstat and ipconfig. Also removed the drivers for both wired and wireless and rebooted. Now the wired can see the LAN local and internet, but the wireless sees nothing. At one point I received a message that the "netowrk connections folder was unbable to retrieve the list of network sure the network connections service is enabled and running". Would you happen to have any other suggestions? The populating of the list of connections takes a long long time now also.

    Thanks again for the response. Have a good day.
  4. tipstir

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    For the wireless make the connection as a Static IP instead of DHCP. Right click on the Wireless Connection icon then on Internet TCP/IP then add IP, Subnet and the default gateway and Perfered dns Server. One you do this it should wake up the wireless connection when that does unplug the wired lan part and see how well it works. Then try to put the laptop from static IP back to DHCP and see how that works out... Should be okay. Most of these type of problems stem from lack of wireless signal strenght in your dwelling. Access points can help a great deal... I had the same problem with my HP laptop...

    See below example....


    WAP - wireless access point
    WBG - wireless bridge
    MVP - MediaMVP use to network video / audio media
    CM - Cable Modem
    WD- Wired Router
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